Table of Contents


I. Creating a new template.

II. Tools in the editor.

III. System Email Templates.

IV.  Sent email templates with PDF as an attachment.



What are email templates in Zomentum?


Typing the same email over and over again is made easier using Zomentum email templates. One can save recurring email content as email templates and resend it to your customers, thereby saving hours in terms of productivity.


You can find all your saved Templates in the "Email templates" section under "Settings" on the left-hand side of your Zomentum account.




Section 1

I. Creating a New Template 

  • Navigate to Settings > email templates

  • Click on "Custom" tab

  • Click on "Create New" at the top right

  • Enter the subject and body of the email

  • Save it as a template




Section 2

II. Tools in the editor 


The template editor has the same tools as the document editor and follows formatting of a normal email. Zomentum email editor also supports custom merge tags in the same way as document editors. 



You can easily create placeholder fields for recurring Recipients, Senders, and Client Company names that will automatically get filled in, based on the client account information and recipient ID. 


To use a merge tag, use type “{{“ and choose from any of the available tags.


Note: You cannot create custom merge tags within the Zomentum email editor. To know more about merge tags, please click here.   


You can always preview the email before sending by clicking on the  “Preview Email” option at the bottom right of the editor.




Section 3

III. System Email Templates


System email templates are the emails that are already present in Zomentum. However, you can also choose to edit these templates and change the content.




Below is the list of system emails that are currently available for you to edit:


Automated System Emails 


Email when you send a Document

When you send the document from Zomentum, this email will be sent to the document recipient, with the ‘View Document’ link. 

Email Reminder to approve a Document

This email will go out if set the ‘Auto Reminder’ on a particular document.

Email notifying about Document Expiry

When the document is about to expire, Zomentum will send out another email to the client. This is only applicable for documents with an expiry date associated with them.

Email notifying it’s the Clients turn to sign the Document

In case there are multiple signers for a document, the 2nd and then subsequent signers receive this email thread when it is their turn to sign the document

Email notifying document has been approved

This email notifies all recipients of the document when the document is signed and approved by all participants



We have the option to override System templates, and also have the option to restore the default settings anytime.


Under System templates, let us take the example of the first template “Email when you are sending the Document”. When previewed ( More under Action > Preview ), you have this in the below format with a “View Document” button to open the document:



This is how your end customer would receive this email. If you want to alter to read it like a normal email without the button, you can override the template (  More under Action > Override template ).


We have already provided a draft of the content that can be editable.


Hit “Save”. You can again preview to check. The link to the document is provided in place of the button.





  1. Overridden templates will have a separate tag displayed near them.

  2. There Overriden templates can also be restored to default by selecting the “Restore to default” option under Action.



Sent email templates with PDF as an attachment



We have been sending automatic system emails from Zomentum, notifying any updates regarding the sent proposal. For example, when the proposal is signed by all participants, we send it with the proposals as attachments. But if the document is more than 10MB, we cannot add it as an attachment in Google. However, we now have a solution.


Instead of sending the documents as attachments, we send them as links/buttons.


In the email, we have now kept the option to open the document and sign logs.




Note: These are automatic emails sent from your Zomentum account. You find these emails under Settings > Email templates > Category “System”.