The sales pipeline is a visual representation of the sales process, divided into multiple stages.  Zomentum allows users to create and configure the required number of pipelines based on business goals and desired customer experience. 

Creating Multiple Pipelines:

You can create multiple channels, where each channel has a different sales process. For example, you might want a specific pipeline just for cross-sell/up-sell opportunities. 

  • Navigate to the settings tab and click on ‘Pipeline’

    Note: there is an option to navigate directly to the Pipeline setting from the Opportunity Dashboard by clicking on the drop-down as shown in the below screenshot:

  • From the top right corner, click on ‘New Pipeline’ 

  • Add the name of the Pipeline and configure the stages as applicable

    Note 1: it is mandatory to have an initial stage which determines the start of the pipeline, and a Won and a Lost stage that reveals the outcome of the Opportunity (these are known as terminal stages). Though users have the option to rename the terminal stages, you will not be able to reposition or delete these stages. 

  • Hit ‘Save’, once the configuration has been completed. 

How can you customize your sales pipeline?

  • Go to Settings > Pipeline

  • By clicking the configuration icon or creating a new pipeline, you can edit/create the pipeline.


  • Rename or rearrange the order of the stages in the pipeline.

  • You may wish to delete a stage from the pipeline by clicking on the ‘Delete’ icon. However, please select a different stage from the dropdown to which all the opportunities in the present stage should be moved towards. 



  •  ‘Add a new stage’ depending on your organization’s sales requirements.

Key Points to Remember

  • When integrating with your PSA, Zomentum will sync with the default Pipeline. On the ‘Field Mapping’ section of the integration setting, you will have the option to map the default pipeline stages to stages in your PSA. 

  • Users can choose to move an opportunity from one pipeline to another. Navigate to ‘Edit Opportunity’ - this is where you can move the opportunity to a different ‘Pipeline’. 

  • The Sales Activity dashboard displays all activities regardless of the Pipeline in which it is created.