The users can import their Dell quotes via PDF into Zomentum. This is a non-premier DELL eQuote. At this moment, we do not support importing quotes via email (Premier DELL eQuote).

You can refer to this PDF file for what a sample would look like.


Please follow the below steps to import products from your DELL e-Quote PDF:

1.    Select all’ and copy content from the PDF. Please ensure to open the quote in a PDF reader(eg: Adobe PDF reader) and not a browser(eg: Safari, Chrome, etc) to reduce issues with PDF rendering.

2.     Open the document in Zomentum to which you would like to add the products

3.     In quote-block –> add products

4.     Select DELL e-Quote from the drop-drown




5.     Paste the content



6.     Click on import to convert the quote into a product list

7.     Verify and add products to the quote block