The Sales Activity module in Zomentum gives you the ability to view all of the tasks (across Opportunities and Client modules) through a single pane of glass. This will assist in easily prioritizing, tracking, and quickly completing open tasks, ensuring sure nothing slips through the cracks.

To navigate to the Sales Activity Module, click on the third icon down from the left-hand module bar (graph ion). 

Users have the ability to create an activity from the Sales Activity module. 

  • Click on ‘Actions’ and select the action you would like to create

  • From the pop-up window, fill in the required information and associate the action with an ‘Opportunity’ or a ‘Client’

By default, the view will be set to ‘My Activities’. You may wish to change this to ‘All Activities’ or ‘My Tasks’ depending on which best suits your use-case. 

The Sales Activity dashboard will give you the gist on the Name, Title, Priority, Status and the owner of the task. 

Name: the title of the task, meeting, call or to-do items

Title: refers to the category of sales activity. It can be a Task, Meetings, Notes, Call Log or Email Log

Priority: track upcoming activities based on the priority set (high, medium & low)

Status: sort by upcoming, overdue and completed tasks

Owner: the name of the sales representative owning the activity

The options under ‘Actions’ will give you the ability to ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’ or ‘Go to Opportunity/Client’ to view the details of the task in their respective modules. 

If you choose to ‘Edit’ any of the activities, the system will give you a pop-window on the left side of the screen, where users would be given the ability to modify the title, description, due date & time, priority, the type of the activity, and so on. 

Filter Views

You can filter or sort the data according to your need based on the Status, Type and Due Date. Please refer to the below screenshot for your reference to apply filters on the Sales Activity module. 

Key Notes:

  1. Sync meetings directly from your Email Account Calendar:

I. Setup the Email and Calendar Integration from the Settings Tab

II. Add the contact name and email address under the respective Client

III. You will then notice that all your meetings will automatically sync into the sales activity dashboard, allowing you the flexibility to manage meetings from one place. 

  1. The default setting is to display 10 records per page. If you would like to see more records on a single page, please see the ‘Display Record’ option on the bottom of the screen to alter the number of records.