This article will guide you in integrating your Zomentum account with ConnectBooster/BNG Payments. The integration will enable you to collect payments from the end customer while approving the quote. 


  • You would need a BNG Payments account

Note: All Connectbooster customers will have a BNG payment account too.

Integration Overview:

  1. The integration will enable collecting payment from the end customer while approving the quote
  2. Only Credit card payments can be processed 
  3. Only payments in USD are supported

Setting up Integration

  1. Obtain API Security key from BNG Gateway account. 
    1. You can generate or find your API Security Key in the BNG Gateway portal by navigating to Options > Settings > Security Keys
    2. More information on creating the API security key can found here:
    3. Note: Zomentum only needs API permissions while creating the security keys
  2. In Zomentum, Navigate to Settings -> Integrations
  3. Scroll down to the Payment Gateway section and click on "Connect" under Connectbooster
  4. On the right drawer enter the API security key and hit save

Enabling payments on documents

Once you have enabled the integration you can now go to the documents and enable payments to start collecting payments. 

  1. To enable payments go to any document you want to collect payment for
  2. Click on the Payments tab on the right-hand side
  3. Enable the Payments Gateway toggle
  4. Choose the amount you want to collect on the particular document
    1. Select "Grand total" if you want to collect the total amount mentioned on the Document
    2. Select 2nd option if you want to collect certain percentage of the total amount
    3. Select 3rd option (Custom amount) to enter the amount you want to collect on the document
  5. The payment is mandatory by default and the Client has to make the payment before approving the quote. You have an option to make the payment optional aswell by clicking the "Make payment optional" checkbox
  6. Lastly select the payee. Payee can only be a signee or an approver of the document.
  7. Once payment is enabled, send the document and the client will view the option to make the payment while approving the document. Below is a gif on how the Client will be able to make the payment