All documents sent from Zomentum are sent via Verifying a domain allows you to send documents from an email address belonging to that domain. For this, you would be required to update the DNS records of your domain. Once updated, all the documents you send from Zomentum will go via the domain verified email address and will be digitally signed by your domain. Simply put, sending documents from Zomentum would be like any other email you send, i.e no visible difference to the end client. 

Steps to verify your domain

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Email Settings
  2. Click on 'Add Domain' under Domain verification
  3. Enter the domain name
  4. Enter all emails addresses you want to send documents from and click on 'Submit'
  5. Next, you would need to do two things
    1. Verify all the email address entered in the previous step by clicking on the verification link sent to each of these emails
    2. Verify the domain by copying the system generated settings (3 CNAME records) to publish in your DNS server/domain provider’s account. This is a one-time configuration step per domain name.
  6. Once both of the above steps have been performed, you will be able to send documents from the verified email addresses