All documents sent from Zomentum are by default sent via Verifying a domain allows you to send documents from an email address belonging to that domain. For this, you need to update the DNS records of your domain. Once updated, all the documents you send from Zomentum will go via the domain verified email address and will be digitally signed by your domain. Simply put, sending documents from Zomentum would be like any other email you send, i.e., no visible difference to the end client. 


Steps to verify your domain:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Email Settings.

  1. Click on 'Add Domain' under Domain verification. 

  1. Enter the domain name.

  2. Enter all the email addresses you want to send the documents from and click on 'Verify.’

  1. Next, you have two steps to follow:

  • First, you need to authenticate the domain. This can be done by copying the system-generated DNS records (3 CNAME records, 1 MX record, and 1 TXT record) and publishing them in your DNS provider’s account. This is a one-time configuration step per domain name. (It could take up to 72 hours to verify the CNAME records.)

  • Next, you need to verify all the email addresses entered in the previous step by clicking on the verification link sent to each email. 


  1. When both of the steps mentioned earlier are done you will see any of the below statuses,

Verification Pending - This means that you still haven’t verified the email address. A verification email will be sent to all the emails added. Verify each of the emails by clicking on the link provided in the email sent. This could also mean that the DNS records have not propagated yet.

Verification Failed - The verification fails after 72 hours since you added your DNS records. “Verification Failed” means that you have not added the records correctly. Please delete the domain and try again.

Verified- This means that the records are correct and you are good to proceed. 


Once everything is set you will be able to send the documents from the verified email addresses. 

Steps to Troubleshoot if Document E-mails arrive in the Junk Folder


The emails are received in the junk folder by your probably because they are still failing SPF validation.


All emails sent out from AWS have the MAIL FROM set as by default. Adding an SPF record at the domain level will make SPF pass, but the emails still may not comply with DMARC based on SPF, because the domains do not match.


The solution for this is to add an SPF record for a subdomain and configure AWS to send that subdomain as the 'MAIL FROM' field.


Please add these two records:


Note: is used below as an example. Replace with your domain.


Record type: MX

MX record name:

MX record value: 10


Record type: TXT

SPF record name:

SPF record value: "v=spf1 ~all"