Zomentum's email integration allows you to sync your emails sent from Zomentum with your email account (Gmail or Microsoft) and vice-versa. Our calendar integration sync Zomentum tasks and meetings with your calendar and vice versa.


1. Zomentum account

2. Access to your calendar(Google )

How to integrate this?

  1. Login in to your Zomentum account
  2. Settings ---> Email and Calendar integrations ---> Add Account (if email is not integrated)

  3. Settings ---> Email and Calendar integrations ---> Calendar preferences next to your integrated email(if the email is already integrated)

  4. Choose your calendar

  5. Choose one-way or two-way sync,
    1. One-way sync
      • Zomentum activities sync to ┬ácalendar
      • Calendar events sync to Zomentum as Meetings
    2. Two-way sync
      • Zomentum activities sync to calendar
      • Only edits to Zomentum activities in calendar will sync back to Zomentum

  6. Select if you want to sync just meeting or  both meetings and tasks from Zomentum to your calendar

  7. "create a contact from attendee list" would add the emails of the attendees in a calendar invite to your Zomentum contacts

  8. Click on update preference and you are done