Kaseya BMS offers tools and workflows you need to empower your team to manage IT, maintain the device and network security and streamline operations through powerful automation. 

Sync Time: 1-hour from Kaseya to Zomentum and vice versa.

Field Mappings from Kaseya to Zomentum:

  • Accounts

  • Contacts

  • Products

Data Sync from Zomentum to Kaseya:


To begin with, you would need:

  1. Admin Access to your Zomentum Account

  2. Admin Access to your Kaseya Account

I. Setting up the Integration

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations 

  2. Under the 3rd party PSA integrations > Kaseya BMS > Connect


  1. Enter your Kaseya Credentials & Save

  • Username

  • Password

  • Company Name in Kaseya BMS

  • Unique URL is given by Kaseya for your company

Note: you can find these details (except the password) in the "My Profile" section of your Kaseya account.


II. Sync Options: Determine how you want the sync to take place – 

  • Only pull from Kaseya to Zomentum (1-way sync) - this will only pull your data from Kaseya to Zomentum and pushes nothing to Kaseya

  • Sync data between Zomentum and Kaseya - 2-way sync: this will pull data from Kaseya and push back data to Kaseya whenever you the Opportunity as WON in Zomentum

Note: We sync entities between the systems only when they are created the first time. Any updates made to the entities, would not be pulled or pushed. 

Eg: If a new client has been created in Kaseya, we pull that information into Zomentum as it is a newly created entity. However, if you update the client’s telephone number on a later day/time, that information will not be synced.