You can now save recurring emails as templates and resend it to your customers thereby saving hours in terms of productivity. You can avail handy e-mail templates while sending document through the Zomentum editor.

1. You can find all your saved Templates in the "Email templates" section under "Settings" on left hand side of your Zomentum account.


2. You can create a New Template with the following steps:

  • Navigating to the email templates module 
  • Click on "Custom" tab
  • Click on "Create New" at the top right
  • Enter the subject and body of the email
  • Save it as the a template


Note: You can choose to preview an email before sending, by clicking on “preview” 

3. The email toolbar allows the same formatting as the document editor 


4. Zomentum Email editor also supports custom merge tags in the same way as document editors. 

You can easily create placeholders for recurring Recipients, Senders, and Client Company names and it will automatically get filled based on the client account information and recipient ID. 

To use a merge tag, use type “{{“ and choose from any of the available tags.

Note: You cannot create custom merge tags within the Zomentum email editor. 

5. System email templates are the emails that Zomentum sends out to the client. You can choose to edit these templates to change the content according to your linking. Below is the list of system emails that are currently available for you to edit:

Email when you are sending the DocumentThis the email that goes when you send the document from Zomentum
Email reminding to approve the DocumentThis is the email that goes when you set the Auto reminder on a particular document
Email notifying about Document ExpiryThis is the email that goes when the document is about to expire. This is only applicable for documents with an expiry date associated with them
Email notifying Client's turn to sign the DocumentIn case there are multiple signers for a document, this is the email that goes to 2nd and subsequent signers when it is their turn to sign the document. 
Email notifying document has been approvedThis is the email that goes to all recepient of the document when the document is signed and approved by all participants