Before you start Copying a document from word to Zomentum, you need to understand the difference between a word document and the Zomentum editor.

Let’s consider the following analogy:  

When you compare your word document to your zomentum editor, consider the difference between a Box and a shelf 



Box : 

Shelf : 

  • Meant to hold things 

  • Requires no arrangement

  • Is convenient to dump things together 

  • Has no structure

  • Can hold multiple forms of things 

  • Harder to search for things

  • Stuff cannot be easily moved around

  • Meant to arrange things for reuse
    Has specific racks for each purpose 

  • Requires initial Arrangement

  • Is structured

  • Each rack hold things that fit their shape

  • Things can be found easily

  • Stuff can be easily moved around

In a similar way, let us understand the difference between the structure of a word document and the Zomentum document editor.

Word Document Structure

A word document like a box is a free flowing document, where all file formats are accepted without any constraints. However, this handicaps you into not being able to reuse any specific chunks of the document that you want to repurpose. Whenever you need something from the word document, either you manually search for it and copy and paste it, or you copy the document as a whole. 

Zomentum Editor structure : 

However, the Zomentum editor like a shelf follows a Block type content structure, where every block represents the specific shape of a rack. For every file format that you want to copy into a Zomentum editor, it needs to go into that specific block. 

Note: While a word document is rendered as a document, a document created from the Zomentum editor is rendered as a microsite. It supports comments, e-signature and facilitates collaboration in real-time. 

The Zomentum editor comes in handy, when you create MSP proposal documents, SLAs and more, as you save multiple chunks of content to reuse in a different document, have variables in the place of recurring texts, and also save it as a template for repurposing.

The Zomentum editor supports six file formats. The convenience of copying your document into Zomentum as specific blocks helps you to easily save them and reuse in a different document 

How do I copy a word document into Zomentum editor? 

  1. First you deconstruct the word document into following components 

  1. Text - Text elements including alphanumeric characters, special cases and table
  2. Quote - Elements that include your products and their pricing     
  3. Images - Any graphic element that is an image in the jpg, png or a similar file format.
    Note: (Images cannot be directly copied into the Zomentum editor and have to be separately uploaded into the image block) 
  4. Signature - Parts of your document that require a signature. 
    Note: (Signatures cannot be copied as text, and have to be separately included through a signature block) 

  1. Arranging The Blocks in your Zomentum editor. 

Before you start copying your word document into your Zomentum editor, you need to figure out where to position each element within the editor. So that each element in your word document goes into the exact same place in the editor. 

Special Blocks to arrange elements 

    Grid Block

    Page Break

In case you have a header image, then the image needs to be separately uploaded into the image block. 

Grid Blocks help you align your document structure, the exact same way as it is, in a word document. A grid block is a grid with multiple individual blocks within it. Once you add a grid block, you can choose to have up to sixteen individual blocks within a single grid block. 


Page break - Any content that follows a page break will resume from a new page, when the document is rendered as a PDF.  

Merge Tags: 
Merge Tags : These are variables that you can use in your document to replace recurring texts. 

  1. Adding each element to its respective block. 

Once you have deconstructed the respective elements and have arranged the blocks,  you can position them appropriately in your Zomentum Document editor, by assigning them to their following blocks. 

  1. Image goes into image block

Note: You cannot directly copy an image and paste it into the Zomentum editor, it needs to be separately uploaded as an image into the image block.

  1. Text goes into text block 

Note: A table can also be copied into the Zomentum editor and is created as a Table within a text block

  1. Signature is goes into a signature block

  2. Add your products and their quotes via your Quote block

Note: Once you’ve added a quote block the products need to be added separately