This article will walk through how to integrate your D&H account with your Zomentum account. The integration will allow you to retrieve real-time pricing and availability while adding a product to a document. Effectively removing the need to manage your products in two places.

Note: We only integrate with D&H North America (US & Canada) region. Support for other regions will come soon.


To integrate D&H with Zomentum you will need access credentials to D&H's XML Pricing & Availability. These are not the same credentials you use to log into D&H account. To request access, you’ll need to contact the D&H support team.

Below is an email template you can use to contact D&H's support team to request XML Pricing & Availability:


We would like to set our account up with access to D&H's XML Pricing & Availability. Please provide an XML credentials.

Below is our account information:

Company Name: <<Add your company name>>

D&H User ID: <<Add your User ID>>


Below is the contact information for the D&H  team:


Electronic Commerce User Agreement for


Phone: 1-800-877-1200

D&H Canada

Electronic Commerce User Agreement for


Phone: 905-796-0030

If you have access to the D&H's XML pricing & availability and are receiving an Invalid Credentials error when attempting to integrate with D&H, please contact us.

Setting up Integration:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations tab
  2. Click on D&H under distributors section.
  3. A right-side drawer will appear where you will be asked to enter credentials.

  4. Enter User ID and Password
  5. Hit Save and you will be connected

Using the integration:

Once you are connected whenever you search a product from Etilize while adding the product to Quote block. We will show the real-time pricing & availability along with the product details.

To search for products in Etilize:

  1. Drag and drop a quote block in a document
  2. Click on Add Product
  3. Select Etilize from the Dropdown
  4. Search for the product. The results will show the real-time pricing from the integrated distributors
  5. Before adding the product to the quote block, you can set the Sell price and change any other product details required.