Sales Automation in Zomentum allows you to automate certain actions as soon as an event trigger occurs. You can automatically update field properties, send email alerts, create tasks and any other sales activities.

Automation in Zomentum is made up of two parts - a trigger event and an action event.

  • The trigger event tells when the automation should run. It is the "if" portion of an if-then equation: if the programmed action occurs, the automation will run.
    This can be the creation or updating, of an Opportunity, Client, Document, Task, Meeting, Call log, and Email log in your Zomentum account.
  • The action event tells what action should be performed¬†when the automation runs. It is the "then" part of an if-then equation: once the trigger event has occurred, this is the action you wish to take place.
    This can be the creation or updating, of Opportunity, Client, Document, Task, Meeting, Call log, and Email log in Zomentum, or Sending of an email.

To begin creating sales automation:

  1. Click on Sales Automation icon left side navigation bar
  2. Click on "Create New". You will see a new page to create automation.
  3. Enter the name for the automation rule to easily identify it in future.
  4. Select the required trigger from the available options for the automation to execute. 
  5. Next, you choose additional conditions for running the automation in the Filters section
  6. Now choose what action you want to perform when the Automation rule is triggered. You can choose upto five actions to execute in one automation rule.
    • You can choose to:
      • Create an Activity
      • Update fields of the triggered entity.¬†
      • Update fields of all related activities of the triggered. E.g.: Mark all the related task as completed whenever an opportunity is update and Stage has changed to Won
  7. Depending on the action selected you would need to provide additional information for the action to execute.
  8. Once you have selected all the triggers, filters and actions, click on Activate to finalize your automation.

Once you have activated your automation rule, all of your sales automation will be listed on the Sales Automation page within the Zomentum app.

Note: In case you have multiple sales automation with the same trigger and filters, we will only run the topmost automation rule.