This article walks you through how to integrate your Tech Data account with your Zomentum account. The integration will allow you to retrieve real-time pricing and availability when adding a product to a document, removing the need to manage your products in two places.


Tech Data Integration is currently available for partners in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, and Belgium. The integration for other regions is currently work-in-progress. 


To integrate Tech Data with Zomentum you will need access credentials to Tech Data's XML Online Check Service. These are not the same credentials that you use to log into Tech Data. To request access, you’ll need to contact the Tech Data office.

Below is an email template you can use to contact Tech Data's support team to request XML Online Check service:


We would like to set our account up with access to TechData's XML Online Check service. Please provide an XML authorization code for use with Zomentum.

Below is our account information:

Company Name: <<Add your company name>>

Tech Data Account Number: <<Add your Tech Data Account Number>>

API Requests will be made from the following IP addresses (UK, Netherlands, and Belgium


Below is the contact information for the TechData team:

TechData US

TechData Canada

TechData UK

TechData Netherlands











Phone: NA

If you have access to the TechData XML service and are receiving an Invalid Credentials error when attempting to integrate with Tech Data, please contact the Zomentum Support Team.

Setting up Integration:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations tab

  2. Click on TechData under the distributors section

  1. A right-side drawer will appear where you will be asked to enter credentials.

  1. Select the 'region' (the USA, Canada, UK, or the Netherlands). 


    Authorization type


     Login ID and Password


    Customer Number and Authorization code


    XML Customer ID and XML Authentication Code


    (i) For NL, auth code will be like the below format - fxCgpTH9-VS39-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx

    (ii) Etilize is not yet supported in the Netherlands. If you browse the product by its name in Etilize, the search will return empty results. In order to search the product in Etilize, you need to copy the Vendor Part Number (VPN) from TechData and paste it into the search box. 

  2. Hit ‘Save’ and you will be connected. 

Using the integration:

Once you are connected, head over to the Quote Block of your document. Search from ‘Etilize’ the products and services you would like to add to your quote. The query will return with specific product information based on the search along with the real-time pricing & availability along with the product details.

To search for products in Etilize:

  1. Drag and drop a quote block in a document

  2. Click on ‘Add Product’

  3. Select ‘Etilize’ from the Dropdown

  4. Search for the product. The results will populate with the real-time pricing along with the stock levels from the integrated distributors

  5. Before adding the product to the quote block, you can set competitive pricing and also modify any product details, if required.

Note: Users will be unable to query the Distributor pricing directly from the ‘Product’ Module (Etilize Option) as the integration is designed to facilitate the MSPs’ with real-time pricing in the event of quoting the end-user. 

Enabling ‘Exclude Dropship WH’ will exclude the products that have dropship as the only available warehouse. This option will be displayed under ‘Exclude out of stock’ in the product filter.

This option will be grayed out if you do not have Synnex/TechData integrated with your Zomentum account.