This article will walk you through how to integrate your Ingram Micro account with your Zomentum account. The integration will allow you to retrieve real-time pricing and availability from Ingram Micro when adding a product to a document. This will remove the need to manage your products in two different places.


Please note: Today, our Ingram Micro Integration is available for partners in North America (USA & Canada) & in the UK. Integrations with other regions are something we are looking into. 


There are two ways to integrate Ingram Micro with Zomentum:

  1. Via API credentials (Recommended for North America Region) 

  2. Via XML credentials (Recommended for UK Region) 

1. Integrating using Ingram's API credentials:

To integrate with Zomentum using Ingram's new API, you would first need to create a Production App on Ingram's developer portal. Follow the below steps to create an app and retrieve API credentials from Ingram:

  1. Sign up for Ingram's developer account at
    > Log in to the developer portal if you have already registered.

  2. Go to the "Apps" section inside the portal

  3. Click on "Add Production App" 

  4. Set the app name (Ex.: Zomentum)

  5. In the description field mention that this app is for a third-party solution called Zomentum (Ex.: Third-party app "Zomentum" will use the app to query real-time pricing and availability from Ingram)

  6. Enable "Product Catalog" API product

  7. Enter your sales/account manager email

  8. Add the app. This will submit the app for approval. It usually takes 2 days to get approved.

  9. Once the app has been approved, click on the app again, and note down Customer number, ClientID, and Client Secret. This information will be needed to connect Ingram with Zomentum.


Once the app is approved follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> Integration

  2. Click on Ingram

  3. Select "API Credentials" from the dropdown

  4. Enter the customer number (Ex.: 20-222234)
    Note: if there is a hyphen after the first 2 digits, you would need to enter the customer number with the hyphen

  5. Enter the ClientID and the Client Secret (Retrieved in previous steps)

  6. Select the region (API credentials is only supported in the USA and Canada currently) 

  7. Hit ‘Save’ to connect. 


2. Integrating using Ingram's XML credentials:


To integrate Ingram Micro with Zomentum you will need access credentials to Ingram Micro's IM-XML (Mustang) API for Partners. Note that these are not the same credentials you use to log into Ingram Micro. To request access, you’ll need to contact the Ingram Micro support team.

Below is an example email you can use to contact Ingram Micro's support team to request IM-XML access:


We would like to set our account up with access to the IM-XML (Mustang) API. Please provide the XML credentials.


Below is our account information:


Company Name: *[Your Company Name]*

Ingram Micro Account Number: *[Your Ingram Micro Account Number]*





Below is the contact information for the Ingram Micro support team:


Phone: 1-800-616-4665 


Setting up Integration:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations tab

  2. Click on Ingram Micro under the Distributor section.

  3. A right-side drawer will appear where you will be asked to enter credentials. These are the IM-XML API credentials and not the ones you use to login to Ingram Micros

  4. Enter Login ID, Password and select Region

  5. Hit ‘Save’ and you will be connected


Using the integration:

Once you are connected, whenever you search for a product from Etilize (while adding the product to the Quote block), we will show the real-time pricing & availability along with the product details.

To search for products in Etilize:

  1. Drag and drop a quote block in a document

  2. Click on Add Product

  3. Select Etilize from the Dropdown

  4. Search for the product. The results will show real-time pricing from the integrated distributors. 

  5. Before adding the product to the quote block, you can set the ‘Sell’ price and change any other product details required.