To add products in a quote block, just click on the Add product button and then choose to add a product within the quote block. You can either add


Adding a quote block  - Step 1 of adding products in document

A Quote block is a list all your offerings. To add a quote block to a document, you can simply drag and drop the block from the right menu bar. 


                    Step 2 adding products in document

  1. An existing product:  ( A product that you have already added into the Product module.)  into the quote block. You can search for an existing product by setting the filter to “self” in the search form.  


  1. Etilize Listing: Etilize is a product catalogue that supports the listing of all the popular IT products. In case your offering is a common product, you can easily find it in etilize catalogue and directly add the product to your document. 


Once you have chosen the Product, you need to fill the following fields before successfully adding a product to the Quote Block 

Mandatory Fields : The following fields are required to successfully add a product to the quote block .


The quantity of the product or offering in Nos 

Cost Price

Total cost price of the offering

Selling Price

Total selling price of the offering

Setup Price

Implementation costs associated with the offering


The Pricing plan associated with the offering as configured in the Product module

Optionally you can choose to include or exclude a specific product from the pricing margin and choose one of the following billing period associated with the product / offering 

  • One time

  • Monthly Recurring

  • Annual Recurring