You can create a Document with seven types of drag and drop elements that are referred to as “Blocks” 

The image block is the overlay that signifies where an Image is going to come within your document. 

Example  : Your company logo, illustration, pictures of the equipment etc

The video block signifies where you want to add a video

Example : A customer testimonial, an explannatory video etc

Text block is used to add text in a document. You can edit your text for font style, font size, color, alignment of the text,             bold, italics and underline.

Example : Any paragraph or a chunk of text that you add to your document. 

The Quote block is used to add a pricing table to the document. You can use this block to add products in your pricing table, offer discounts and customize tax rates. For more details view Quote Block.

Example: The pricing table of your offerings including services offered, discounts etc.

 The signature block is used to collect e-sign from the customer. You can put this block wherever in the document you would like to receive signatures.

Example : Signature at the end of a sales proposal 

 Grid block gives you more customization options in your document. With a Grid Block, you modify the placement of  your images, text and signature blocks to suit your needs.

A grid block can contain a maximum of 2 segments. 

Page Break block is used to break the page at specific points in a pdf. The page breaks, however, will not appear in your document. Any section or block that follows the page break will appear in the subsequent page of your document.

All blocks that succeed the page break will start from a new page. 

Once you have created a document with a specific template, you can save and reuse any of the constituent blocks in a different document.