What are blocks in a document? 

Once you have opted to create a document, you can use easy drag and drop elements to quickly build multiple documents (proposals, quotes, etc.). Blocks are individual drag and drop elements used for building the content of your document. You can add/remove as many as in a document.                                                           

Once you have added blocks to your document, you can populate them with appropriate data before publishing.  

While creating a document, you can also perform the following actions by accessing their respective icons in the right action bar.


Edit Content within the Document

Comment on the document

Assign Recipients to the document


Reorder the sequence of signees within the document.

View Recent Activities

Edit Document Settings and set expiration date.

Preview and Send


You can perform the following actions to any completed document.

  1.     Preview 
  2.     Download
  3.     Edit
  4.     Clone
  5.     Delete 

Once your proposal is complete, you can attach the document, check preview and send out an e-mail to your client. 

P.S ( You can set an expiry date for your document and all stakeholders will be notified as shown above)