This article will walk you through the steps required to add a document in your zomentum 

  1. Navigate to the documents list page by clicking on Documents icon on the left side navigation bar
  2. Click on the "Add Document" at the top right corner
  3. Enter the following details
    1. Title: Title of the document
    2. Category: Document category
    3. Owner: Document owner
    4. Client: Select the client company to whom you are sending the document. If the client is not present in Zomentum, you can quickly create the client by clicking on the "Add Client" button
    5. Recipient: Select the Client Contacts to whom you want to send the document. You can choose to add multiple clients here and you can add your teammates too if you want to send a copy of your document to them
    6. Opportunity: Select the opportunity to which you want to associate this document. This field is optional, you can choose the document to be associated only to the client and not to any opportunity.
  4. Hit next, you will view an option to 'start from the scratch' or use one of the templates
  5. Click on Save to create the document.


You can now start dragging and dropping different block from the right-hand side to create the document. Different block available

  1. Image - to add image block to the document
  2. Video - to upload videos to your document
  3. Text  - to add text content along with tables
  4. Quote - to add products to your document along with pricing and quantity information
  5. Signature - to allow Client contacts (recipients) to e-sign the document
  6. Grid - this block will allow you to use multiple blocks in a grid format
  7. Page break - this will create a page break when you download the document in PDF