In Zomentum, you can add a Quote, Proposal, MSA, or any document that an MSP (Managed Service Provider) would send to a client or prospect during the sales process.


To navigate to the document module, click on the “Documents” icon in the vertical pane on the left side of the home screen.

This is the Documents list view. Here, you can view a list of every document that you create. From this page, you can search for or add a document or view templates.

I. Adding a Document

  1. To add a new Document, click the “Add Document” button on the top right of the screen.

    When the pop-up window opens, enter or select the following details:
    1. Document Name: Add a title for each new article

    2. Type of Document: Choose from the available categories to view relevant templates and easily track documents.

    3. Owner Name: Who is creating the document? This information will be useful during the approval and signing process. Add details such as the owner’s name, phone number, email address and other relevant information.
    4. Client Name: If your company’s PSA is integrated with the CPQ mode, you will see the option to select clients either from ‘Self’ or from ‘PSA.’ Using the dropdown labelled ‘Self,’ you can select clients that were added manually into Zomentum and Autotask or ConnectWise (two examples) for any client imported from the PSA platform.

    5. Recipients: Using this option, you can add each contact who should receive this document, as well. This section also allows you to include any colleagues who might need to E-sign the document or anyone who should have a copy of the email/document (i.e., management, billing, support).

    6. Opportunity Name (Optional): Add a title for the opportunity connected to this document.

    7. Tax Region: Set the default tax region for calculating taxes on any products or services listed in this document.

  2. After entering all of the required  information, click on “Select Template.”

    i. Select the Category (Type of Document) −Proposal, Contract, Quote, or Sales Assessment.
    ii. Choose between ‘My Templates’ or the ‘Global Templates’ provided by Zomentum. You may also start with a Blank Document.
    iii. When you click on “Create Document” or “Start with Blank,” the system will switch over to the document editor.


II. Searching for a Document

a. Search using the Global Search Option:

  1. From the drop-down next to the search field near the top right side of the screen, select “Document.” 
  2. Type in the search criteria and hit ‘Enter.’

b. Search using List Page Search:

  1. Click on the Search icon next to “Document Title.”
  2. Enter your search criteria and click “Search”. 
    Note: If you enter your search criteria inside double quotes (“ ”), the system will return an exact match of the keywords or terms.


III. View Templates

  1. To view existing templates, click on the ‘Templates’ button on the top right side of the All Documents module. On this screen, you can:

    i. Choose a template to view or edit from “My Templates” or “Global Templates.”
    ii. Create a document using a template.
    iii. Duplicate an existing template.

  2. Uploading a Template: From the “Templates” pop-up, click on “Upload Template” to add a PDF or Word file of an existing template. The system will automatically convert these files to Zomentum documents. These documents will be available for use within 3-4 days. Alternatively, Zomentum will upload templates if you email those forms to

IV. Filtering Document View

There are several ways you can filter documents, by:

  1. Document Type
  2. Document Status
  3. Payment Status
  4. Last Updated

V. Document Options

Click on the “More” icon on the right side of the document details and select from the following options in the dropdown menu (see image below):

  1. Save as Template
  2. Edit Document Details
  3. Clone Document – To create a duplicate copy of the document
  4. Download as PDF
  5. Download Product Lists (as CSV)
  6. Update Status Manually – you can change a document status to Lost, Won, or Expired.

VI. Update Document Status
Zomentum let you manually update the status of any document to Won, Lost or Expired.

  1. Next to the document, click ‘More’ and ‘Update Status Manually.’

  2. You will see a popup to choose the document’s status. If you select “Won” or “Lost” you will get a checkbox to update the status of the linked opportunity. 

  3. Click on update and the linked opportunity will also be changed to the chosen status similar to the document. 

PO Number in Document

End clients now have an option to enter their PO number before approving the document. This information is stored on document in Zomentum and synced with PSA (only AT & CW).

The below GIF demonstrates how to add the PO number in both the client and document owner sides. 


  1. The PO number can be edited and the changes will reflect in both places. That is the client can change the PO number on their side that will be reflected in the document owner’s side and vice versa.

  2. The PO number is also synced with Autotask and Connectwise.