A managed services Document can be a Quote, Proposals, MSA or any document that an MSP (Managed Service Provider) wants to send their prospects or clients during the sales cycle.

To navigate to the Document module, click on documents icon (2nd icon from the top in your left menu) to your left

The screen you view is your Documents list view. Here, you'll be able to view the list of all the documents that have already been created. From here, you can either choose to search for a document, add a document or navigate to the Document Templates page.

  1. To search for a document, 
    • You can click on the magnifier glass icon in front of the Document Title column in the list view
    • Or you can use the global search bar on your top right
  2. To view available templates, click on the “Template”  on the top right corner. You can view the Global templates that Zomentum provides and the Custom templates you created
  3. To add a new Document, click on Add Document at the top right corner
  4. You can filter the documents based on a timestamp of the most recent update ranging from a day, a week to a year. 


These are the following document fields that are visible in the list view of Documents



The name of the specific document 


The current state of progress and the deal stage


Client Name

Name of the client company 


Opportunity Name

Name of the opportunity assigned to the deal associated with the account

Last Updated

The timestamp of the latest edit made to the document.


The parent of the document 

Recent Activity

The most recent activity made to the document