Zomentum is a solution for accelerating sales process for the MSPs through sales funnel management, product catalog management, document/proposals builder. Autotask-Zomentum integration is intended to provide sync between both Autotask and Zomentum ecosystem. 

What does Zomentum sync from AutoTask?

  1. Opportunities
    • Zomentum pulls in all the opportunities that you have in AutoTask including Full name, contact details and address.
  2. Clients
    • Zomentum pulls in all the details of your clients including work address, work emails and contact details.
  3. Products
    • Zomentum pulls in all the products that you have in your product catalog including all the details regarding product specifications, pricing plans etc. and sync them with the product catalog in Zomentum.

How to set up Autotask integration with Zomentun?

Follow the below video to know how to set up Autotask integration with Zomentum

Frequency of sync

Zomentum pulls in data from Autotask every 1 hour.