Zomentum is a solution to accelerate sales process for MSPs through sales funnel management, product catalog management, document/proposals builder. Autotask-Zomentum integration is intended to provide sync between both Autotask and Zomentum ecosystem. 


The integration would allow you to:

  • Pull all the Opportunity and related information from Autotask (AT) to Zomentum. Below is the list of entities that will be pulled from Autotask to Zomentum
    • Zomentum
      Client ContactContact
      Quote line itemsQuote line items
  • Push the Opportunity and the related Document, Client & Contact information to Autotask, whenever an Opportunity is marked as Won in Zomentum
    • Document information that is pushed to AT: Zomentum will only push the Quote line items present in the Document as a Quote under the Autotask Opportunity.
  • Whenever a new product is created in Zomentum, push it to Autotask. Depending on the product type in Zomentum we push it to different modules in Autotask. Below is the mapping:
    • Product Type in Zomentum
      Equivalent module in Autotask
      Labor*--Labor is not pushed from Zomentum to AT. 
      BundlesService BundlesIf a bundle in Zomentum has child products of type Hardware or Software, it will be skipped. Only child products of Type Services will be synced to AT
    • *All the Products with Type Labour won't be synced to Autotask. Products of type Labor used in Zomentum Documents will be synced as Labor line items in Autotask Quotes but not in Products or Services
  • Frequency of sync: Zomentum sync with Autotask every 1 hour

How to setup Autotask integration with Zomentum?

Creating API User in Autotask

  1. Login to your Autotask Account
  2. Go to "Admin" and choose "Resources (Users)"
  3. Create a new API User, enter the title and other necessary fields
  4. Set the user name and password. Make a note of these as you will use these while connecting with zomentum
  5. For the "API Tracking Identifier", select "Integration Vendor" and choose "Zomentum"
  6. Save your settings

Setting up Autotask integration in Zomentum

  1. Login in to your Zomentum account
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations tab
  3. Under 3rd party integrations-> Autotask -> Click on Connect
  4. Enter the Autotask API user credentials in the Connect Screen and click on Save and Proceed
  5. Configure the Settings for the Autotask sync
    1. Select how you want to sync the data
      1. Only push to Autotask
        • This will only push data from Zomentum to Autotask once the opportunity is marked as Won
      2. Only pull from Autotask
        • This will only pull your data from Autotask to Zomentum and pushes nothing to Autotask
      3. Both pull new entities from Autotask and push Won opportunity to Autotask
        • This will pull data from Autotask and push back data to Autotask whenever you mark the Opportunity as WON in Zomentum
        • Note: We only sync once a new entity is created in Autotask. That is, whenever a new Client is created in Autotask we sync it in Zomentum. Any other updates made in Autotask to this client will not be synced back to Zomentum.
    2. Select what you want to sync
      1. Note: The filters on the opportunities will only filter out the opportunity while pulling to Zomentum from Autotask. Accounts will still get pulled in to zomentum based on the Account type filter
  6. Select the Field mappings in the last screen
    1. Select mappings between Zomentum Opportunity Stages and Autotask Opportunity Stages and Status
    2. If a single stage in Zomentum has a Stage and status mapping both, we will consider stage mapping and pull in the Opportunity
  7. Once done, click on Save and Proceed

Below are fields we sync between Autotask and Zomentum:

ModuleZomentum fieldsAutotask

Pull from AutotaskPush - Updating existing in Autotask
Push - Creating new
in Autotask


Stage (D)Stage


Primary ContactContactContactContact

Expected Close DateProjected Close DateProjected Close DateProjected Close Date

Close ProbabilityProbabilityProbabilityProbability

SourceLead Source

ClientCompany NameAccount NameAccount NameAccount Name




LinkedIn URLLinkedIn URLLinkedIn URLLinkedIn URL

Facebook URLFacebook URLFacebook URLFacebook URL

Twitter URLTwitter URLTwitter URLTwitter URL

Company Type

Account Type

Billing CountryCountry

Billing StateState

Billing CityCity

Billing StreetAddress 1 + Address 2
Address 1

Billing Zip CodeZip Code
Zip Code


Client ContactFirst NameFirst NameFirst NameFirst Name

Last NameLast NameLast NameLast Name

EmailEmail AddressEmail AddressEmail Address


Job TitleTitleTitleTitle


Quote Line ItemTitle
Item NameItem Name

Item DescriptionItem Description

Type (D)

Cost Price
Unit CostUnit Cost

Billing Period (D)
Period TypePeriod Type


Sell Price
Unit PriceUnit Price

Mfg. Number
Manufacturer Product Number
Manufacturer Product