Zomentum is a platform designed to accelerate the sales process for MSPs through sales funnel management, product catalogue management, document/proposals builder and more. The Autotask-Zomentum integration is intended to provide sync between both Autotask and Zomentum ecosystem so you can use both products in tandem. 

  1. The Setup

  2. Did you Know?
    >Audit Logs
    >View Opportunity Link to Autotask from Zomentum
    >View Client Link in Autotask from Zomentum
    >History Tab Logs

  3. Detailed Field Mappings

Entity Mapping between Zomentum & Autotask





Client Contact






Quote Line Items

Quote Line Items including the setup price for each product


Section 1

How to setup Autotask integration with Zomentum

> Step 1: Create API User in Autotask

  1. Login to your Autotask Account
    Go to "Admin" and choose "Resources (Users)"

  2. Create a new API User, enter the title and other necessary fields

  3. Set the username and password. Make a note of these as you will use them while connecting with Zomentum

  4. For the "API Tracking Identifier", select "Integration Vendor" and choose "Zomentum"

  5. Save your settings


Step 2: Set up your Autotask integration in Zomentum

I. Connecting to Autotask


  1. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations tab

  2. Under 3rd party integrations-> Autotask -> Click on Connect

  3. Enter the Autotask API user credentials in the Connect Screen and click on Save and Proceed

  4. Configure the Settings for the Autotask sync

II. Settings


There are two kinds of integration mode users can select:

  1. Autotask as your CRM

  2. Zomentum as your CRM

A. Autotask as your CRM

Recommended for users who would like to use Zomentum mainly to create and manage proposals and quotes. Management of Opportunities, Contact information, etc. would be made directly in Autotask. 


  1. Pull all entities (Opportunities, Clients, Contacts & Products) from Autotask to Zomentum as read-only information. 

  2. Users can navigate to the document module to build proposals/quotes,  and link the related Client, Contact and Opportunity to the document. 

  3. Once the document is ready to be synced to Autotask, click ‘Sync with PSA’ as shown in the below screenshot.
    Note: the MSP will have to manually push the document each time when the document is ready to be synced with Autotask. 

  4. From the pop-up window, users have the ability to verify the Opportunity & Quote details before it gets pushed into Autotask. You may wish to make changes in any fields in the window. Zomentum will sync this information into Autotask. 
    Note: If there were changes made to the window above, these changes will reflect back in Zomentum every 15-minutes. 

Additional Notes:

  • Users can create new Opportunities and Clients directly on Zomentum, however this information will not be synced automatically. Users will have to associate the details with a quote and use the ‘Sync with PSA’ option to export data to Autotask. 

  • If there are new products created in Zomentum, we do not sync this to Autotask automatically. If this product is added as part of your quote and synced to Autotask, then Zomentum creates a new product in Autotask. 


B. Zomentum as your CRM
Recommended for users who would like to utilize Zomentum to manage their entire sales process and activities including Opportunity management and Document creation. 

Select how data you want the data to Sync 

  1. Only Push to Autotask: 

  2. Sync Time: Real-Time sync

  3. Condition:  will push the Opportunity details and the related information from Zomentum to Autotask only when the Opportunity status is updated as ‘WON’. 

  1. Only Pull from Autotask:

  1.  Sync Time: every 15-mins

  2. Condition: will only pull data from Autotask and will not push any details from Zomentum. 

  1. Both pull new entities from Autotask and push Won opportunity to Autotask:
     a. Sync Time: Pulls information from Autotask every 15-mins and pushes data from Zomentum in real-time. 

b. Condition: This will pull data from Autotask and push back data to Autotask whenever you mark the Opportunity as WON in Zomentum


Important Note: For all of the above modes of integration, we sync entities between the systems only when they are created the first time. Any updates made to the entities, would not be pulled or pushed. 
Ex: If a new client has been created in Autotask, we pull that information into Zomentum as it is a newly created entity. However, if you update the client’s telephone number on a later day/time, that information would not be synced. 


  1. Real-Time Sync: as the name suggests, selecting this mode allows users to sync information between the systems regardless of the status of the Opportunity and the document. It also allows real-time sync for any ‘updates’ made to entities across the product modules. 
    Sync Time: Pulls information from Autotask every 15-mins and pushes data from Zomentum in real-time. 



Select what data you want to Sync


Sync Filters

Autotask Companies, contacts and Opportunity

(Select this to sync Autotask Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities)

Advance Filters

·       Only Sync where the Account Type is: use this filter to sync only certain types of Account type from Autotask to Zomentum

·       Only Sync where Opportunity Owner is: apply this filter to sync opportunities only from certain Autotask users. This is applicable only for Opportunities.


·       Only Sync where Opportunity Status is: use this filter to sync opportunities of a particular status

·       Only sync Opportunity created after sync opportunities that were created after a particular date

Pull Autotask Products

Check this option if you would like to sync products from Autotask. 

Only Push Documents to Autotask that are either in Won and Signed status. 

Selecting this option ensures that documents that are in the draft, sent or viewed status will not be pushed to Autotask. 



The users have an additional option in integration settings to enable Company type syncing. You can enable the ‘Sync Account type in Autotask with Company Type’ under the Settings during integration. It will sync the type of the account in Autotask with the type of company in Zomentum.

III. Field Mapping

  1. Opportunity Field Mapping

(i) Stage Mapping: The stage mapping is designed in a way to map one stage in Zomentum to a particular stage in Autotask. ie, the system will not populate the option to map a stage in Autotask to a stage in Zomentum if the former has already been selected in any of the other stages. 

Note 1: It is optional to map the ‘Won’ and ‘Lost’ stages in Zomentum to stages in Autotask as these are considered as ‘terminal stages’. Instead, you can select a stage against the default stage mapping to initiate the sync. 

Note 2: If you do not have the adequate number of stages created in Autotask to be mapped against stages in Zomentum, we recommend that you create additional stages in Autotask and reinitiate the setup. 

(ii) Statues Mapping: map the default Autotask statuts with Zomentum stages. 

(iii) Additional Settings: Enable this setting if you would like to Pull opportunities from Autotask with the statuses as 'Closed' and/or 'Lost'.

  1. Tax Mapping: the ability to sync tax information from between Zomentum and Autotask. 

  2. Note Mapping: select this mapping to sync notes on your Autotask Opportunities and Clients to Zomentum. 

> Once done with the Fields Mapping, ‘Click on ‘Save and Proceed’ to start the Sync. 


Section 2

Did You Know?


  1. Access the ‘Audit Logs’ to get a glimpse of the sync status of the entities that has been synced between the systems. Entities that are successfully synced into Zomentum will have a link to ‘Go to [[entity]]’ which takes you to the details page view of that particular entity. The ones with the ‘Error’ status will have a short ‘Description’ on the right of the page with the error reason. 

    Head over to Settings > Integrations > hover over ‘Autotask’ > click on ‘Audit Logs’ to view the audit logs. 

  1. ‘View Opportunity in Autotask’: every opportunity that is successfully synced to/from Autotask will have this link available in the Opportunities Details page view. 

  2. ‘View Client in Autotask’: every Client that is successfully synced to/from Autotask will have this link available both in the Opportunities details page and the Client details page view. 


  1. The History tab of the Opportunity details page will showcase the trail of the sync information between Autotask & Zomentum. 

  2. When a document in Zomentum is updated to ‘Won’ status, the PDF of the document is synced with Autotask as an attachment. This can be viewed in the activities of the opportunity in Autotask.

Section 3

Below are fields we sync between Autotask and Zomentum:

ModuleZomentum fieldsAutotask

Pull from AutotaskPush - Updating existing in Autotask
Push - Creating new
in Autotask


Stage (D)Stage


Primary ContactContactContactContact

Expected Close DateProjected Close DateProjected Close DateProjected Close Date

Close ProbabilityProbabilityProbabilityProbability

SourceLead Source

ClientCompany NameAccount NameAccount NameAccount Name




LinkedIn URLLinkedIn URLLinkedIn URLLinkedIn URL

Facebook URLFacebook URLFacebook URLFacebook URL

Twitter URLTwitter URLTwitter URLTwitter URL

Company Type

Account Type

Billing CountryCountry

Billing StateState

Billing CityCity

Billing StreetAddress 1 + Address 2
Address 1

Billing Zip CodeZip Code
Zip Code


Client ContactFirst NameFirst NameFirst NameFirst Name

Last NameLast NameLast NameLast Name

EmailEmail AddressEmail AddressEmail Address


Job TitleTitleTitleTitle



Quote Line ItemTitle
Item NameItem Name

Item DescriptionItem Description

Type (D)

Cost Price
Unit CostUnit Cost

Billing Period (D)
Period TypePeriod Type


Sell Price
Unit PriceUnit Price

Mfg. Number
Manufacturer Product Number
Manufacturer Product