Can I share the Document with my Billing/Shipping Team every time a Document is Won?

Yes, you can trigger a copy of the document with the signing logs and payment details for the document to your Billing/Shipping team. You would need to set up a Sales Automation for the same in your Account. Please follow the steps given below:

  1. Select Sales Automation from the Left Vertical. Select the option “Create New” once the page opens up.

  2. Give a name to the workflow.

  3. In the Trigger Section, Select the Options of “Document” > “Updated”

  4. Click on Add Filter. In the Filter configuration, select “Document Status” > “Has Changed To” > “Won”.

  5. In the Action Section, select the Options “Send” > “Document” and click on create.

  6. This would open up a Pop Up Window, add the relevant details for the emails to be triggered. You have to enable the relevant check boxes for the inclusion of the signed Document, Payment Logs and Signature Logs.

  7. Click on Save, once you are happy with how the email looks. Once you click on save, click “Activate” to enable this new Workflow.


  • You can use merge tags within the email and the subject line. For example, If you would want to make sure that the name of The client as well as the Document name to be shown in the subject line, you can use the following as a sample Subject Line:

    has signed the Document