Release Notes - Zomentum for Partners

Weekly Roll-Up: Last Updated on 17 Mar 2023

Upcoming Enhancements

  • The homepage banner to prioritize warnings over marketing notifications. 
  • An Unsaved Changes warning message will be displayed if the user accidentally clicks outside the window while editing an entity.
  • The Sales Activity page will contain bulk update/delete capabilities and users can filter their views.

17 Mar 2023

Product Enhancements

  • Enhanced experience to view your sales automation. Users can now filter, save views and customize the view layout.

10 Mar 2023

Product Enhancements

  • The product help documentation for Zomentum for Partners is now available at Product Help.

Bug Fixes

  • The user needed to fill in the Tax Region field during the document onboarding walkthrough. This field is now automatically prepopulated so that the user can go through the onboarding without any roadblocks.
  • A warning message pop-up is used to get the custom field details from the user in case a mandatory custom field is empty while creating a QBR document. After completing this action, the user could not send the document, and the application went to a hung state. This issue has been fixed and the user can fill in the custom fields, as required, to send the document.
  • The drop-down window to add entities overlapped with the entity creation windows. This issue has been fixed.
  • A warning message is now displayed if the user attempts to connect to a Distributor in an unsupported region through our Etilize Integration.

03 Mar 2023

Product Enhancements

  • Techdata integration is now available in Sweden.

  • Dicker Data integration is now available in New Zealand.