Opportunity Rotting

Opportunity Rotting will help you keep track of Opportunities that are stagnant in a particular stage. The platform will alert users of such opportunities pending in a specific set of ‘X’ days based on the pipeline settings configured for each stage. 

In the Kanban view of the Opportunity Dashboard where deals have rotten, you see the following message: Deal has been rotten for ‘X hours/Days.  

The Setup

  1. Navigate to Setting from the left-sidebar → click on ‘Pipeline.’

  2. Against the desired Pipeline, click on the pencil icon to edit the Pipeline settings.

  3. For each stage listed under the pipeline, you will see the option to ‘Assign rotting age’. ie, once the Opportunity has been moved to that particular stage, what is the time allocated for the opportunity to be in that specific stage before it rots. 

  4. Click ‘Done’. 

Once the setup has been completed, Zomentum will identify opportunities that are stationary in a specific stage and provide an indication for the same. You can either move the Opportunity to the next stage of the pipeline or click on the alert to move the Opportunity to a ‘Won’ or a ‘Lost’ stage. 

Users can also perform a similar action from the Opportunity deals page view, as shown in the below screenshot: