Zomentum Notifications

Zomentum notifications are used to provide users with reminders or other timely information directly from your app. Users can tap the notification to open the Zomentum app and take the necessary action. 

How do I manage notifications?

Navigate to settings > Notifications

In-app notification: Get in-app notifications of all tasks due, upcoming meetings and all your activities.

To check Notifications, click on the Bell Icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

With our new UX enhancement, we now have the option to get notification within the platform. 
You can view all the alerts inside the the bell icon on the top right corner.

We also have tags that classify the notifications. It could be categorized under: documents, upcoming tasks and meetings, bulk updates and completion about bulk updates, failure and issue notifications, email status notifications, and domain verification notifications among others.

You can also scroll through the notifications.

We have provided options to “Mark all as read” and “Clear all” in the notification bar. You can also see “read” and “unread” status in each notification – denoted in red (unread) and white (read).

Select “Mark all as read” to read all notifications at once. And “Clear all” to free up your notification panel.

Mark all as read:

Clear all:

Email Notifications: Get email notifications for all due tasks, upcoming meetings and all your activities.


Example of Email Notifications:

i. Upcoming Tasks:

ii. Upcoming Meetings:


Email Digest: option to receive an email summary of your upcoming activities either on a daily or a weekly basis. 

Documents Notifications: Choose when you would like to receive email notifications:

Examples of Email Notifications related to Documents:

i. Receive email notification when someone makes a comment:

ii. Receive email notification when someone views the document for the first time:

iii. Receive email notification when someone cancels the signature

iv. Receive an email notification when the document is in ‘draft’ for 3 days

v. Receive email notification when the document has been ‘sent’ and not viewed for 3 days

Example of In-app notification related to Documents: