Merge Tags and Custom Merge Tags

Documents - Merge Tags, Custom Merge Tags & Input Fields

Table of Contents

  1. What are Merge Tags?

  2. Creating a Custom Merge Tag

  3. Input Fields

  4. Appendix - System Merge Tags

I. What are Merge Tags?

Tired of filling in the different client details every time in the same document or E-mail? Zomentum gives you the option to add merge tags, which act as a "placeholder" or "variable” for information that is already present in Zomentum. You can insert a Merge Tags in the Text block inside a Document to populate recurring information, for example, Address of the Client, Client Name, etc.

To add a merge tag you can:

  • Drag and drop a text block

  • Click on the merge tag icon on the formatting strip at the top 

  • Or type a curly bracket twice - ‘{{‘ - to see the available merge tags.


II. Creating a Custom Merge Tag

Variable Merge Tags, are custom created by the MSP, in addition to the existing merge tags,  to populate recurring values in a document. For example, contract start date and end date can be created as custom tags and used across multiple places in the document. If you want to change the start and end date, edit the value of the custom merge tag and the value gets changed everywhere else where the merge tag is used.

To create a custom merge tag:

  • Open the merge tag selector dropdown by either typing 2-curly brackets ‘{{‘ or clicking at the merge tag icon at the top right

  • Click on "Add Variable"

  • Enter the variable name & value

Note: The custom merge tags created are created for specific documents and can only be used in a particular document.

III. What are Input fields?

Input fields allow you to add fields to the document that you or your client can fill at the time of signing. These fields can be used for adding the name of the signing authority to the phone number of the business. There are three types of input fields - Text box, Date, and Checkbox.

  • Navigate to the document you want to add an input field too.

  • Add a "Text Block" to the document editor

  • Or insert two square brackets in the text block - ‘[[‘

  • From the pop-up window:

    • Select the Field Type depending on the information you want the client to fill (Text, Date, or Checkbox fields)

    • Select an Assignee

    • Enter the Label text for the input field. This will help the end client to know what information to enter in the given field

    • If the information is mandatory to be filled ensure to select the check-box against the ‘Required’ field. 

    • Hit Save.

      Note: Only signees can be assigned to an input field. The dropdown will be empty if there are no signees assigned to the document. If any of the input fields have not been assigned to a signee you will see a validation message before sending the document.


System Merge Tags

System Merge Tags are predefined tags available while editing a document. These tags are categorized into four sections:

  1. Document

  2. Client

  3. Opportunity

  4. MyCompany

1. Document

Merge Tags Description
ID This auto incremental system-generated document number.


 Date of the document when it is sent for the first time


 Date of the document


 Name of the document


 The date the document was created


 The date the document will be expired


 Name of the owner (creator) of the document


 Email ID of the document owner


Phone number of the document owner 


 First name of the document owner


 Last name of the document owner


 Job title of the document owner


 Displays the one-time upfront total from the quote block


 Displays the monthly upfront total from the quote block


 Displays the quarterly upfront total from the quote block


 Displays the Semi-annual upfront total from the quote block


 Displays the annual upfront total from the quote block


 Displays the total from the quote block


2. Client

Merge Tags Description
ID Client ID
Url URL of the client company
Name Name of the client
Phone Phone number of the client
Fax Fax ID of the client
DateAcquired Date of the client acquisition
Contact.1.Name (Contact.2,3 etc) Name of the contact 1/contact 2/contact 3
Contact.1.Email (Contact.2,3 etc) Email of the contact 1/contact 2/contact 3
Contact.1.Phone (Contact.2,3 etc) The phone of the contact 1/contact 2/contact 3
Contact.1.Department (Contact.2,3 etc) Department of the contact 1/contact 2/contact 3
Contact.1.JobTitle (Contact.2,3 etc) Job title of the contact 1/contact 2/contact 3
Contact.1.FirstName (Contact.2,3 etc) First name of the contact 1/contact 2/contact 3
Contact.1.LastName (Contact.2,3 etc) Last name of the contact 1/contact 2/contact 3
Market Type of market of the client
Campaign Type of campaign used for the client
Website Website of the client
Facebook Facebook ID of the client
Twitter Twitter ID of the client
LinkedIn LinkedIn ID of the client
BillingAdress.Street/City/State/Country/Zip Code Street/City/State/Country/Zip Code of the billing address provided
ShipToAdress.Street/City/State/Country/Zip Code Street/City/State/Country/Zip Code of the shipping address provided

3. Opportunity

Merge Tags Description
ID The opportunity ID
URL URL of the opportunity
Client  Client related to the opportunity
Name Name of the opportunity
Type  Type of the opportunity (Prospect, Quote etc)
EstimatedValue The estimated value of the opportunity
EstimatedClosedDate Estimated date of closing of the opportunity
CloseDate The date on which the opportunity is closed
ClientPoNumber P O number of the client related to the opportunity


4. MyCompany

Merge Tags Description
Name Name of your company
Phone Phone number of your company


State/Country/Zip Code

Street/City/State/Country/Zip Code of the billing address provided by your company