Syncro Integration

How to integrate Zomentum with Syncro MSP

In this article, we will help you integrate our Zomentum account with your SyncroMSP account.

Field Mappings from Syncro to Zomentum:

  • Clients & Contact

  • Products & Services

Data Sync from Zomentum to Syncro:

Retrieve the API Token from SyncroMSP

  • Login to your SyncroMSP account

  • Go to Admin → API Token (under API section in the left sidebar)

  • Click on "New Token"

  • Switch to "Custom Permission" tab

  • Give a name to the API token (e.g. Zomentum API)

  • Select the API token expiration. Leave the field blank to never expire the API token (recommended)

  • Under the permissions section, select all the permission associated with Customer, Contact, Products, Estimates, and Line items

  • Once you have selected all the permission click "Create Token"

  • You will be redirected to a page with the API token. Record the key. 

Note: You will not be able to access the API Token later. Hence, please ensure to save the API Token you have created. 

I. Setting up the integration
  1. Login in to your Zomentum account

  2. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations tab

  3. Under 3rd party integrations-> Syncro -> Click on Connect

  4. Enter the Syncro subdomain & API token in the Connect Screen and click on Save and Proceed. 

II. Sync Options: Determine how you want the sync to take place – 

  • Only push from Zomentum to Syncro (1-way sync) > this will only push data from Zomentum to Syncro once the Document is marked as WON

  • Only pull from Syncro to Zomentum (1-way sync) - this will only pull your data from Syncro to Zomentum and pushes nothing to Syncro

  • Sync data between Zomentum and Syncro - 2-way sync: this will pull data from Syncro and push back data to Syncro whenever you the Opportunity as WON in Zomentum

Note: We sync entities between the systems only when they are created the first time. Any updates made to the entities, would not be pulled or pushed. 

Eg: If a new client has been created in Syncro, we pull that information into Zomentum as it is a newly created entity. However, if you update the client’s telephone number on a later day/time, that information would not be synced. 

II. Select what to Sync:

III. Complete the Field Mapping: select mapping between Zomentum Products Type and Syncro Product category


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Client Company & Primary Contact

We only import contacts if there is an email present

Customer Contacts

Client Contacts

Products & Services


Quote line items

Estimate line items

We only push this. We do not import