How to set up payments in a document?

Steps to add the payments in a document-

  1. Click on the “Payments” option and enable the toggle “Payment Gateway”


  • You need to first set up your payment gateway in Settings->Integrations to see this option.

  • Currently, we have Connectbooster  and Stripe as payment gateways.

  1. You can choose your payment method as either “Credit Card” or “ACH” or even both based on your region.


  • Only the USA has both Credit Card and ACH. Canada can use only Credit Card. 

  • You can use Stripe integration for credit cards for all the regions.

  1. Adjustment Fees:

You can collect the Adjustment Fee (aka Convenience Fee or Surcharge Fee) when collecting payments through a payment gateway after the document is signed. You can add this fee as a part of your quote or proposal. 

You need to select whether you want your Adjustment Fees to be calculated as a “Fixed Amount” or “Percentage”. After selecting, you can enter the Adjustment Fees value and “Save”.

  1. The end client will see the below pop-up when they click on “Pay and Sign Document”. The end client can choose either “Credit Card” or “ACH” mode for the payment.

Payment Summary Block

Once the payment method is selected, you can also view the payment summary in the Document. It shows the summary of document totals. 

If you enable payment in a document, each document will have a final payment summary block with aggregate data (even if there is only one quote block in the document).

Steps to add the Payment Summary Block in the Document-

  1. You need to enable the toggle “Payment terms” and “Document amount summary” under Display in the document (either any one or both can be enabled). Once this is enabled, the payment summary will be added below the last quote block in the document by default. You can drag and drop the block as you wish once it is added. 

  1. You can choose to enable both the segments or anyone in the block.

  • First is the Document amount summary, where you will be able to see all types of payment summaries (one time or recurring).

  •  Second is the Payment terms where the Collect Amount, Adjustment Fees, Amount Payable and Remaining Balance will be displayed. 

(i) The Collect Amount is calculated based on the option we choose in the Payment Summary.

Grand total of the document - It implies that the end client will have to pay the total of the document when he accepts the document. 

A certain percentage of the grand total - It implies that the end client will have to pay the partial of total amount when he/she accepts the document.You can key in a certain percentage of the grand total that should be paid and it will be reflected in the Collect Amount.

Custom amount - It implies that the end client will have to pay the partial of total amount when he/she accepts the document. You can key in an amount of your choice that should be paid from the grand total.

(ii) The Remaining Balance will display the balance amount the end client needs to pay (i.e) if you choose “A certain percentage of the grand total” or “Custom amount” in the Payment Summary, the Remaining Balance will be calculated based on the percentage or amount you key in the Payment Summary.


(i) The Adjustment Fees will be populated later once the end client chooses the payment method i.e., Credit Card or ACH. 

(ii) If you choose “A certain percentage of the grand total” or “Custom amount”, based on the value entered the remaining balance will be calculated and populated in the Payment terms.