Etilize Integration

Table of Contents

  1. What is Etilize?

  2. How do I integrate Etilize?

  3. How does Etilize work?

3.1  Etilize for Adding Products 

3.2 Etilize for Quote Blocks

1. What is Etilize?

Etilize provides standardized, eCommerce ready product catalogues containing millions of products, representing thousands of brands. Their content management platforms ensure that product data is up-to-date and accurate. Their networking includes thousands of leading distributor, reseller, retailer and shopping portals. Etilize is available to all Zomentum partners at no additional cost. For more information on Etilize, visit their website:  

2. How do I integrate Etilize?

Etilize is integrated into your Zometum account by default and is included in your subscription plan. To see if the Etilize integration is active, Navigate to the Settings > Integrations tab and you will see if it’s in a connected state.

3. How does Etilize work?

3.1 Etilize in the Product Module
Search for products easily using the Etilize integration and make them a part of your product catalogue in just a few clicks. 

Navigate to Product > Add Etilize Product > Enter the Product Name in the search bar 

Note: you can also search for products using respective Product Part numbers to find products 

Adding Filters to the Search Results 

  1. To narrow down your search, you can filter products from Etilize by selecting ‘Add Filters’ and filter your product by Manufacturers, Company or Feature

  1. Select the right product from the list and click ‘Next’.

  2. Edit the Product Details and click ‘Save’ to add the product to your Zomentum Product catalogue. 

    Note: The following fields are required to successfully add a product to the quote block. 

Tables can't be imported directly. Please insert an image of your table which can be found here.

Quantity (No.)

The quantity of the product or offer 

Cost Price

The total cost price of the offering

Selling Price

The total selling price of the offering

Setup Price

Implementation costs associated with the offering


The Pricing plan associated with the offering a configured in the Product Module


3.2 Etilize in Quote Block

You can easily search for products using Etilize directly when creating a quote for your clients. 


Navigate to Documents > Create Document > Drag & Drop the Quote Block > Add Product 

The Etilize integration gives you access to a suite of products, catalogues, and descriptions that you can use within your proposal. Here is a helpful video that shows how this integration works.     

Products added in the Quote block will be automatically added to your product catalogue when the document gets moved to the “Won” stage. 

Note: Etilize would be most effective if you have your distributors integrated as it provides real-time pricing and stock levels. Check out our help articles on Ingram, TechData, D&H and Synnex for more information on distributor integrations. 

The content of various products in Etilize can be different in different geographic locations. We now have the option to select the location depending on your end clients. Etlize usually gives the information of the products and one of them is the manufacturing number. The platform receives this information as a reference and gets the pricing and stock from the integrated distributor.

The aim is to let distributors in different locations get the respective manufacturing numbers and real-time pricing.

Please navigate to Settings > Edit, Etilize and you'll have the options to select the product content source.

Note: This can be changed according to your distributor and end clients.