Cloud Assessment - Microsoft 365

A significant proportion of MSPs are responsible for managing the security and functionality of Microsoft 365 tenants for their end customers. During the sales cycle, it would be helpful for the MSP to demonstrate existing weaknesses in the configuration. It also helps maintain regular review progress with the end customer to ensure the tenant continuously follows Microsoft’s published best-practice.

Currently, there are no tools on the market that present this information in a clear/visual way that is easy for the MSP to present to the end customer.

You can now view and display the Microsoft 365 assessment metrics inside Zomentum in an existing/new assessment document.

There are two ways to create a Microsoft 365 assessment document in Zomentum

Creating a new Microsoft 365 assessment inside the document

  1. Create a new assessment under a Client (and/or Opportunity)

  1. Once the document is created, please click on ‘Cloud Assessment’ in the document setting.

Then Please click on ‘+Add New’ and then login using the Microsoft admin credentials to view the Microsoft assessment metrics.

Now you will be able to add the Microsoft 365 metrics along with the ones you have already created internally.

Then click on Insert Document at the end of the pop-up.

Once you have connected a Microsoft 365 assessment to a document, you also have the option to add it to other documents in your Zomentum account. You have the choice to add an existing assessment or add a new assessment to your document. 

You can connect two or more Microsoft 365 assessments to a single document.

Creating a new Microsoft 365 assessment inside the Client view

You can also view existing assessments and connect to a new Microsoft 365 account and create assessments directly from the client view. 

Once you click on ‘+ Microsoft 365 Assessment’, you will be asked to authenticate the account and then you can click on ‘Insert into Document’ upon which you will be directed to the document creation module where you would have to enter the document details and then proceed with editing and sending the document.

You can disconnect from the Microsoft 365 account by clicking on the ‘Connect a different account’.