Input Fields

Input Fields are text spaces that can be left for the assignees to be filled in during the signing process. These can be anything from Names and Addresses to Dates and Check Boxes. 

To insert an input field, you must add a Text Block to the Document. Once the text block has been inserted, you can type in “/” to open the insert option.

There would be two options shown here. Merge Tags and Input Fields.

PS. Merge tags are placeholders for variables/data existing in Zomentum and will be pulled in automatically and has numerous choices. To know more about merge tags, click here .

Once you select input fields, you will get a pop-up indicating the Field Type, Assignee, and Label for the particular Input Field. You also have an option to mark the input field as required by enabling the checkbox.

Field Type: 

Three field types can be chosen.

  1. CheckBox: This is an input field where the assignee can mark the field as a yes, if required, during the signing process.

  2. Text: This is an input field where the assignee can enter text in the field. This can be used for entering Name, Address, or any other required information. Here you can use a placeholder text which will stay as a placeholder for the input field.

  3. Date: The assignee can select the date in this input field. This field can be used for entering any date into the document.


You can assign a document recipient to fill in the input field. 

Please note that the assignee has to be added as a recipient to the document before the field can be assigned to them.


The Labels are the indicators that are shown for the input fields. These indicators displayed how right before the input fields.

Placeholder Text:

You can enter a placeholder text for the input fields that fall under Text and Date. These are the text shown as placeholders indicating where the assignee can enter the required information.

Set Character Limit:

This setting is only shown for Text Input Field, indicating the maximum character limit that can be allocated for a particular allotted field.

Map Input Values to a Field:

If this option is enabled, you can map the information entered by the assignee to a selection of fields in either Documents, Opportunities or Clients related to the Document to which the Input Field is assigned.