How to Map input values to a field in Zomentum?

We do have the option to update a value obtained through an input field to any field under documents, opportunities and clients.

Note: The field type of the input field should be the same as the field type of the system/custom field

Sharing the steps below:

1. In a document, add a text block and add an input field.
2.  For example I add a text input field here, add the Assignee, Placeholder, set limit of your   choice and Toggle the “Map input values to a field”.

3. As soon as this is done, you will have the option to select the respective field.
4. Select the respective field, which needs to extract the value added in the input field.
5. Once the document is sent and the assignee adds the respective value, the value gets pulled to the respective field. Here I have selected the client.facebook:

As soon as the assignee adds a value, it would be extracted under the facebook field under the respective client.

Input field value added in the signing page:

Value pulled under the respective field of the client.