How to integrate with Repairshopr

RepairShpr is a software that helps with invoicing, ticketing, POS, recurring invoices, billing, and CRM for computer repairing shops and more.



To begin with, you would need:

  1. Admin Access to your Zomentum Account.

  2. Admin Access to your RepairShpr Account.



I. Setting up the Integration

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations 

  2. Under the 3rd party PSA integrations > RepairShpr > Connect


  1. Enter your RepairShpr Credentials & Save

  • Subdomain
    You can find your subdomain in the search bar after signing into RepairShpr.

  • Generating your API Token 

    Refer to this document  to get started with creating your API Token.

    • Naming and Expiry 

Once you’ve created the Token you can set a Name and Expiry date for the Token. 

1. Name your API Token as “Zomentum API.” 

2. Leave the “Expiration” field blank so the API Token is valid indefinitely.


  • Permission sets for your API Token

    Provide the following permission sets to sync RepairShpr data with Zomentum: 
    ( Note:  Under the permissions section, select all the permission associated with Customers, Contact, Products,  and Estimates)

            1. Contact and Customers

      2. Products 

        4. Estimates 

  • Create Token: Click “Create Token” at the end of the list to save your permissions and create your API Token. 

II. Field Mappings between Zomentum and RepairShpr:

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  • Hardware 

  • Software

  • Service

  • Labor 

Note: You can map additional categories created in RepairShpr with Zomentum. 



  • Default

  • Labor

  • Hardware

Note: These are the Default Categories that come with the initial free trial. If you wish to add more categories in RepairShpr, you can refer to this document.  







III. Data Sync from Zomentum to RepairShpr:


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Pull from RepairShpr

Push from Zomentum

Sync Time

1 hour 

 5 minutes


The sync triggers to pull all existing Inventory from RepairShpr 

All new products and pricing details are pushed to RepairShpr 


The sync triggers to pull all “Customer” from RepairShpr

All related Client, Contact, and Quote Line items related to the “won” document are pushed to RepairShpr. 


1. If a new customer is created in RepairShpr, the entity is added as a client in Zomentum. 

2. Any updates made to client and contact in RepairShpr is updated when Sync takes place from Zomentum


All contact details associated with a “Client” are added to RepairShpr 

All contact details associated with a “Customer” are pulled into Zomentum


All Quote Line Items are pushed as Estimates in Repairshopr

Adding an estimate cannot create a Quote in Zomentum. 

  1. Quote sync type 1: 

    Quotes including products with different billing periods create multiple Estimates in RepairShpr


        Three products Quoted in Zomentum with different Billing cycles.

        Listed as Multiple Estimates in RepairShpr.

  2. Quote Sync type 2: 

    Quotes including products with the same billing create one Estimate in RepairShpr.


                Three products  Quoted in Zomentum with the same billing cycle.

        Listed as a single Estimate in RepairShpr.

  1. To disable Quote Sync Type 1 please untick this check box in RepairShpr Integration Settings. 

IV. Sync Options: Determine how you want the sync to take place – 

  • Only pull from RepairShpr to Zomentum (1-way sync) - this will only pull your data from RepairShpr to Zomentum but push nothing to RepairShpr.

  • Only push from Zomentum to RepairShpr(1-way sync) - this will only push your data from Zomentum to RepairShpr but pull nothing from RepairShpr.

Note: This sync will happen only when a Document is Marked as Won in Zomentum.

  • Sync data between Zomentum and RepairShpr - 2-way sync: this will pull data from RepairShpr and push back data to RepairShpr whenever you the Opportunity as WON in Zomentum.

Note: We sync entities between the systems only when they are created the first time. Any updates made to the entities, would not be pulled or pushed. 


Eg: If a new product has been created in RepairShpr, we pull that information into Zomentum as it is a newly created entity. However, if you update the product’s pricing on a later day/time, that information will not be synced. 


    V. Conditions and Filters 


           You need to tick the following checkboxes to enable any client and product data  

to sync between Zomentum and Repair Shopper.





Condition 1: 
            Allow Contact data sync between Zomentum and RepairShpr 

Filter: You can choose to sync contacts that were created after a specified date. 



Condition 2: 
            Allow Product data sync between Zomentum and RepairShpr 

Filter: You can choose to pull products based on a specific Category. 


VI. Sync Time: 1-hour from RepairShpr to Zomentum and 5 minutes from Zomentum to RepairShpr. 


Note:  If you wish to re-sync the latest updates on RepairShpr with Zomentum, click on the Save and Sync button under RepairShpr Integration.