How to add input fields into a document?

How to add input fields into your document?

Input fields allow you to add fields that can be filled by you or your customer at the time of signing, these fields can be used for anything from adding the name of the signing authority to the phone number of the business. You can add three types of fields - Text box, Date, and Checkbox.

To add an Input box into your document, you would have to follow the steps below,

  1. Navigate to and open the document you want to add an input field too.

  2. Add a "Text Block" form "Drag and Drop Blocks" section on the right-hand side of your screen

  3. Or use an existing Text block to add "[[" i.e. "2 square brackets" using the key on your keyboard as shown in the video below.

  4. Once done, an input field option would pop-out
    • Select the type of field depending on what information you want the end client to fill. Available types are - Text, Date, and Checkbox fields
    • Assign who will fill in the input field. 
      • Note: Only a signee will be able to fill in details in an input field. Hence the dropdown will be empty if there are no signees assigned to the document yet.
    • Enter the Label text for the input field. This will help the end client to know what information to enter in the given field
    • Enter the Placeholder text for the input field. 
    • Check if the information is mandatory to be filled by the end client or not. If marked as required, the end client won't be able to finalize the document unless they enter information in the input field.
    • Hit Save.