How to add decimal values in quantity? A workaround.

There may be times when you price labor in an hourly manner, say 60$ per hour, and sometimes you would want to charge the customer for one and a half an hour. You can make use of UOM in this scenario.

A brief on the steps to be taken:

1. Adding Per minute under UOM
2. Creating labor products with per-minute cost
3. Adding this to the quote block

Adding Per minute under UOM

Please navigate to Settings > Custom fields > View fields under Product > Edit UOM > Add Per minute.

Creating labor products with per minute cost

Create a product with UOM as per minute and add the cost for one minute, say your the labor cost is 60$/hour so you add the cost per minutes, that is 1$.

And hit save.

Adding this to the quote block

When the product is added in the quote block it would display the Price per minute, Quantity and the total cost.

So if you would want to add the 1.5 hours as a quantity, you can add the minute value that is 90.