How to add an overall discount to the final total of a quote?

With the option of directly adding an overall tax to the final amount in a quote unavailable, the next best option is to create a product titled 'Discount' and set the quantity to '-1'. 

Follow the steps given below to set it up:

1. Click on the 'Add' button in the quote block. 

2. Click on 'Create Product'.

3. Add the name of the product as 'Discount'.

4. Add the 'Type' as Hardware.


5. Set the 'Cost Price' as 0.

6. Set the 'Sell Price' as the overall discount applied to the final amount. 

7. Set the 'Quantity' as -1. Click on Save.


The 'Discount' product will now show the total discount applied in the overall final of a quote.


Why is the overall discount not available?


  • Confusion in tax calculation:

    • Tax rate is applied and calculated for each line item in the quote. When you apply an overall discount system has to divide the overall discount and apply to individual line items to ensure taxes are calculated correctly. This is not clear in the document and leaves room for confusion when reading the quote.


Example - Let us say the price of Product A is 100 after applying a tax rate of 10% and the price of Product B is 200 after applying a tax rate of 14%. The overall price is 300 and when there is a discount of 50, the overall price will reduce from 300 to 250. In this case, we do not know the price of the individual product after applying the discount and we have to backtrack the calculation. The discount of 50 can be divided into 17 for product A and 33 for product B. 


  • Syncing quotes with other PSAs and Accounting systems

    • Almost all the PSAs and accounting systems we sync with do not support an overall discount. We do a similar calculation, dividing the overall discount to individual line items and then pushing the line items to other systems. This again causes confusion as the prices on individual line items do not match between the systems. 


To avoid unnecessary calculations and confusion, we are removing the ability to add discounts on a quote level. Users will be able to apply discounts on individual line items only.