How do I view the Input Field values dynamically?

Input field values are stored within the platform during the signing process. The input field values are shown to the Signees only when they sign the document and are reflected in the Document under the Document module after the Document is Signed/ Won. This is by design.

However, we have a workaround to view the input field as soon as a signee has completed their part in the Signing Process. This would involve creating a Custom Field for Documents and mapping the input fields. Please follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Settings > Custom Fields. Once the Custom Fields section Opens up, select Documents. Once opened, click on the option Add field on the Top Right Side. You can name the Field that must be mapped to the Custom Field. (For example, we are mentioning Input Field Mapping as the Sample name for the field)

  2. The second step involves configuring the Input Field. To map the Input Field to Custom Field, you need to enable the annotated option, and when selecting the Field in the “Select Field” Section, you would need to select Documents > Custom Field (Input Field Mapping in this case)

Once the Signee has signed the document, the value will be populated in the Document Details section. You can see the Document's Details by clicking Edit Document Details for the Corresponding Document.