How do I create different Pricing for the Same Product?

In Zomentum, you will be able to create multiple Pricing plans for the same product. You can set this up while creating a product or editing a Product.

  1. Go to Products > Add Product for creating new product.
  2. Once you click on Add Product, in the Slide which opens, click on Add Plan. The Plans which are available for the product as well.

  3. When you click on Add Plan, Pricing Plan Slide opens up. You can add the details for the Pricing Plan here and click save.

To use this multiple pricing within the the quote block, use the followin option.

  1. Click on the option to Add product within the Quote Block.
  2. Click on the option Add product.
  3. Search for the name of the Product and click on the Option called “Select More Prices” option to see all the pricing option.
  4. Select the pricing option you need and add the product to the document.