How do I Change Favicons in Zomentum?

With Zomentum, you can upload unique images or icons to create a more personalized experience. The logo will then reflect on the browser tab of your documents when you send them as microsites. 

Follow these simple steps to include your favourite favicons.

Step 1: Navigate to your Account from the ‘Settings’ icon on the left panel. 

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Branding” section.

Step 3: Upload a favicon via the Edit button.

Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 6.07.35 PM

Once the upload is complete, open any documents and view them as microsites. You can see the updated favicon on the document microsite tab. 

Note: You can change or remove the previously uploaded favicon by clicking on Edit to trigger the same Upload flow. 

If you want to reset to default settings, please confirm the following before proceeding: 

Our platform accepts

  • Popular image file formats for your favicons, including .png, .jpg, and .svg while uploading them to your Account settings page 

  • Changes and deletions ( or revert to default Zomentum settings) of your logos.