Error: Access denied. You do not have permission to call this a tenant or your tenant is not visible in the overview.

In Zomentum Connect, when the tenant serving the end user does not appear in the Contract overview, the following error message is displayed:

Access denied: You do not have permission to call this a tenant.


The MSP might not have access to the end-customers tenant due to the transition from the current security model, DAP, to GDAP. Organisations can manage access to sensitive data using the Microsoft DAP (Data Access Protection) function of Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP). DAP enables enterprises to classify, label, and secure sensitive data, which helps them comply with regulatory compliance obligations.


A security feature called Microsoft GDAP gives partners the least-privileged access in accordance with the Zero Trust cybersecurity protocol. It enables partners to set up time- and place-restricted, granular access to customer workloads in both production and sandbox settings.

We only currently support Microsoft DAP with Zomentum Connect.

We must determine whether the MSP still has access to the end customer's tenancy in order to fix this.To solve this issue and determine whether you have access to the tenant, perform do the following steps to verify: 

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center dashboard and select the Customers tile.

  2. Go to the Customer List (1):

  3. If you don’t see your customer on the customer list, You need to Request a reseller relationship (2). Perform the following steps:
    Request a reseller relationship with a customer - Partner centre

  4. In the end user tenant, you can also check if your partner has the necessary partner rights.
    Go to 

  5. Login as administrator in the end user tenant an check if your organization has DAP rights.

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