Different types of verification in zomentum

What are different types of email verification to send documents from a different email address?

When do you need to verify an email address?

By default, all the documents that you send from zomentum will be sent from noreply@zomentummail.com. In case, you want to send documents from another email address (one belonging to your domain), you would need to verify the email address with zomentum. There are two ways you can verify your email address in zomentum:

  1. Domain Verification (recommended)
  2. Single email address verification


Domain verification

Verifying a domain will allow you to send documents from an email belonging to the verified domain. This will require you to update the DNS records of your domain. Once updated all the documents you send from zomentum will go from the verified domain email address and will be digitally signed by your domain. 

Single email address verification

To enable you to send documents from another email address we first need to verify the ownership of the email address. This is achieved by sending a verification link to the given email address. Once verified, all the documents you send from the zomentum will be sent via this email. In case there are multiple email addresses that are verified, you will have an option to select the "from address" before sending the email. 

When you send the document the email will still go via zomentum's mail server and hence the end client will see a tag saying send via amazonses.com, something similar to the below image.