How do I Import Products from DELL eQuote?

The users can import their Dell quotes via ePDF into Zomentum, within Documents.

The users can import their Dell quotes via PDF into Zomentum. This is a non-premier DELL eQuote. Currently, we do not support importing quotes via email (Premier DELL eQuote).

You can refer to this PDF file for what a sample would look like.


Please follow the below steps to import products from your DELL e-Quote PDF:

1.    ‘Select all’ and copy content from the PDF. Please ensure to open the quote in a PDF reader(eg: Adobe PDF reader) and not a browser(eg: Safari, Chrome, etc) to reduce issues with PDF rendering.

2.     Open the document in Zomentum to which you would like to add the products

3.     In quote-block –> add products

4.     Select DELL e-Quote from the drop-down

5.     Paste the content

6.     Click on import to convert the quote into a product list

7.     Verify and add products to the quote block