Custom Distributor Integration

The Custom Distributor Integration feature allows Zomentum suppliers to integrate with custom distributors of choice. The feature aims to ease and speed up the process of onboarding a new distributor for suppliers.

The following steps can be followed to use the Custom Distributor Integration feature to add a distributor:

  1. Navigate to  Settings→ Integrations→ Distributors

  2. Select Add Custom distributor.

  1. Enter the distributor name and add a Supplier. Zomentum enables distributors to add custom Suppliers of their choice.

Note: Supplier must be created first in order to add a custom distributor.

The following image displays the process of adding a new Supplier: 

  1. Choose the method for field mapping.

  1. Pull: The Pull functionality is used to fetch data or information from the end distributor. The client needs to get the API endpoint URL from the distributor to use this functionality.

  2. Push: The functionality enables a Zomentum partner to push data to the distributor database. The partner can push data from Zomentum using one of the following mentioned methods:


  1. SFTP: SFTP Push is a manual storage method where the pushed files/data are copied to a user-specified server using SFTP.

  2. Manual upload: Partners can manually upload/push the files.

  3. API: The API Push method uses a Zomentum endpoint URL to push data. The required URL is provided to the partner.


  1. Field Mapping.

Important Note:


  1. The data in the file is synced daily based on the location and name. 

  2. We only support CSV files and Excel files (xslx, xsl)

  3. Once the field mapping is set, it cannot be edited. 

  4. If the data has to be updated with new information, then the existing file has to be replaced with a new file of the same name.