Custom Distributor - API Pull and Push method

Push the file via API:

If you have selected the option to push the file using Zomentum’s API endpoint, the following steps are for you. 

  1. Copy the API link provided in the option selected.

  2. Create a new POST request in the Postman app with the copied link

  3. Add the file to the body of the request in form-data 

    1. Key name: file

    2. Type: File

    3. Value: Upload the required file. 
      The file size should be less than 100Mb and should be of the format .csv or .xlsx

  4. Once API is executed, select the fetch option in the Zomentum.

Pull the file from an API endpoint:

  1. Enter the URL from which the CSV needs to be pulled from.

  2. Select the Fetch option for the CSV to be fetched. 

Feel free to reach out to our support team if you need further assistance.