ConnectWise Integration

In this article, we will help you integrate our Zomentum account with your Connectwise Manage PSA account using a native integration feature within Zomentum.


Section 1

Entity Mapping between Zomentum & ConnectWise



Client Company 


Client Contact






Quote Line Items

Forecast Line Items

Related Won Documents

Note the opportunity in Connectwise

How to set up ConnectWise integration with Zomentum


The Integration with Connectwise has 2 important steps. One is the creation of the API user to get the required credentials. The second is the integration using this credential in Zomentum and configuring the requirement for the sync on the platform.


Step 1: Create API User in ConnectWise

  • Login to your ConnectWise manage cloud account.
  • Go to System → Members

  • Switch to the API Members tab
  • Click on the '+' icon

  • Enter member ID (Ex.: ZomentumAPI)
  • Enter member name (Ex.: Zomentum API User)
  • Select Role ID as Admin & Level as Corporate. Alternatively, see this article to create a new Role with advanced (more secure) permissions.

  • Click Save at the top
  • Once saved, the two API keys will show. Make sure you save both keys for future reference.

    Note: You won't be able to access the Private key later, so if you miss making a note of it and need the credentials later, you'll have to recreate the API Keys. 



Step 2: Set up your ConnectWise integration in Zomentum


  1. Connecting to ConnectWise
  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations tab
  • Under PSA > Connectwise Manage > Click on Connect.

  • Enter the Connectwise credentials in the ‘Connect’ screen and click on ‘Save and Proceed’.



  1. Settings


Zomentum as your CRM

The integration is set for Zomentum to be used to manage the entire sales process and activities including Opportunity management and Document creation. 





Select how data you want the data to Sync 

  • Both pull new entities from ConnectWise and push Won opportunity to ConnectWise:

This method of integration will only sync the entities which are newly created in Zomentum to Connectwise. It also will sync the Won Opportunities to Connectwise.


Important Note: For all of the above modes of integration, we sync entities between the systems only when they are created the first time. Any updates made to the entities, would not be pulled or pushed. Eg: If a new client has been created in ConnectWise, we pull that information into Zomentum as it is a newly created entity. However, if you update the client’s telephone number on a later day/time, that information would not be synced. 


  • Real-Time Sync: 

As the name suggests, selecting this mode allows users to sync information between the systems regardless of the status of the Opportunity and the document. It also allows real-time sync for any ‘updates’ made to entities across the product modules.


Important Note: The real-time sync Pulls information from Connectwise every 15-mins and pushes data from Zomentum in real-time. So in case any changes/updates are made in Connectwise, it might take up to 15 minutes to sync the change to Zomentum.




Choose how to Sync Bundles:


In this section, you will be able to choose how Bundles are synced between Zomentum and Connectwise.


  • Push the bundle product as a single product to Connectwise: Here the bundle is shown as a single product when pushing the bundle to Connectwise. Here the Child Products are not pushed from Zomentum to Connectwise and only pushed as a single item when synced to Conncetwise.


  • Push child products of the bundle to Connectwise: If this option is selected, only the Child products which belong to the bundle are pushed to Connectwise. This means that the child products which belong to the bundle are pushed as individual products to Connectwise in the Sync.


  • Push bundles as Bundle to Connectwise: As the name indicates, when this option is selected, Bundles are pushed as Bundles to Connectwise.



Select what data you want to Sync:

There are multiple filters using which you can filter out the details which are synced between Zomentum and Connectwise. Each set of Filters and their corresponding descriptions are added in the filter below:


Sync Filter


ConnectWise Companies, contacts and Opportunities

(Select this option to sync ConnectWise Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities)


Applicable Modes:

> Only Pull from ConnectWise

> Both pull new entities from ConnectWise and push Won opportunity to ConnectWise


Advance Filter Options:

  • Only if an opportunity is present: Selecting this would pull Connectwise Companies along with related entities only if there is at least one opportunity associated along with it.
  • Only sync Connectwise Companies where type is:  Enter the type here. For example, if you enter "prospect", this will only pull companies where type matches with Prospect. 
  • Only sync Connectwise Contact where type is:  Enter the type here. For example, if you enter "Approver", this will only pull Contacts where type matches with Prospect. 
  • Only sync Connectwise companies where the Market is: Enter the market here. For example, if you enter "Real estate", this will only pull companies where the market matches with Real estate.
  • Only sync where the opportunity stage is: Enter the stage here. For example, if you enter "prospect", this will only pull Opportunities where it matches with the prospect stage.
  •  Only sync where the Opportunity Status is: Enter the status here. For example, if you enter "open", this will only pull Opportunities where the status is open. 
  • Only sync an Opportunity that was last updated after: enter a date, it will only sync opportunities which were last updated after the selected date.

All Products

(Select this option to sync Connectwise products and services)


  1. Pull updates on products from Connectwise: Any update made on a product would be pulled from Connectwise to Zomentum.


  1. Push updates on products to Connectwise: Any updates made on a product in Zomentum would be pushed to Connectwise.            

Status/Stage Filters

(Select these to filter to restrict/enable sync with certain stages )

Only push documents to ConnectWise that are either in Won and Signed status: Only documents that are in Won or Signed Status will be synced with ConnectWise.


Continue to sync with Connectwise even after the opportunity is closed (Won/Lost) in Zomentum: The Opportunities will continue to sync even after the Opportunity reaches the Won/Lost stage. ( By default the opportunities will not sync after they have reached the terminal stage).




Select Defaults While Creating Opportunity In Connectwise

In this section, you can set the default location and default business unit for all the opportunities pushed from Zomentum to Connectwise and also set a  default rating.










  1. Field Mapping


The Field Mapping section is used to configure the mapping of a certain set of Fields which can be mapped between Zomentum and Connectwise. It has 3 sub-sections under it, using which you can map the fields for:

  1. Opportunities
  2. Products
  3. Tax Rates



  1. Opportunity Field Mapping


The stage and status mapping are shown based on selecting the set mapping option.


Stage Mapping: Stage mapping is designed in a way to map one stage in Zomentum to a particular Stage in ConnectWise. ie, the system will not populate the option to map a stage in ConnectWise to a stage in Zomentum if the former has already been selected in any of the other stages. 

Status Mapping: Stage mapping is designed in a way to map one stage in Zomentum to a particular Status in ConnectWise. ie, the system will not populate the option to map a stage in ConnectWise to a stage in Zomentum if the former has already been selected in any of the other stage.

Create a new custom field called "CW Status" and sync with ConnectWise's status field". When selected, only stage mapping will be shown and a custom field will be created for status.


Note 1: It is optional to map all stages and statuses, not only for won/lost stage. In case the mapping is not given, we use the default stage and status selected.


Note 2: If you do not have the adequate number of stages created in ConnectWise to be mapped against stages in Zomentum, we recommend that you create additional stages in ConnectWise and reinitiate the setup. 


Note 3: If a single stage in Zomentum has both ConnectWise ‘stage’ and ‘status’ mapping, we will consider stage mapping and pull in the Opportunity from ConnectWise. 



  1. Product Mapping 
  • If you would like to keep a standard product mapping between Zomentum and ConnectWise, please select the checkbox as shown in the below screenshot.


  • If you wish to have individual product mapping for the Product Types, Category/Subcategory Type, Product Class and Product ID, you may wish to leave the checkbox unchecked and do a one-on-one mapping as shown below:

Note: You will be asked to complete the Product Name from Zomentum to either the ‘Product ID’ or the ‘Product Description’ in ConnectWise. If you choose to map the Zomentum Product Name to ‘Product Description’, the system will also request you map a field in Zomentum to map to the Product ID, as Product ID is a mandatory field in ConnectWise. We recommend that the Product ID is used to sync if there are products with the same name present in Connectwise. This is because, in Zomentum, entity names have to be unique.


  1. Tax Mapping



  • Tax rates can be imported from your ConnectWise account.

    Note: Zomentum has both Tax Region and Tag Categories whereas ConnectWise only has the Tax Region. When we import the Tax regions from ConnectWise, Zomentum associates two categories to each of them. (i) Taxable and (ii) Non-Taxable. The Non-taxable will have a 0% tax which can be associated with the Non-table tax regions.

  • MSP’s can also directly wish to have map Tax rates in Zomentum to Tax rates in ConnecWise.

  1. Save and Start Sync


Once the above configurations are set, you can click on the “Save and Start Sync” button to Save the integration setting and start the sync for the accounts.



Any changes made to CW status in Connectwise need to be made before the opportunity is shifted to the won stage in Zomentum. If you use the win widget in Connectwise to update the CW status, you need to run teh win widget first and later change the stage to Won in Zomentum.




  1. Audit Logs:

Access the ‘Audit Logs’ to get a glimpse of the sync status of the entities that have been synced between the systems. Entities that are successfully synced into Zomentum will have a link to ‘Go to [[entity]]’ which takes you to the details page view of that particular entity. The ones with the ‘Error’ status will have a short ‘Description’ on the right of the page with the error reason. 

Head over to Settings > Integrations > Click on ‘Audit Logs’ to view the audit logs shown on Connectwise. 



  1. ‘View opportunity in Connectwise’: Every opportunity that is successfully synced to/from Connectwise will have this link available in the Opportunities Details page view.


  1. ‘View Client in Connectwise’: every Client that is successfully synced to/from Connectwise will have this link available both in the Opportunities details page and the Client details page view. 



  1. The History tab of the Opportunity details page will showcase the trail of the sync information between Connectwise & Zomentum. 


  1. Stage-Status Mapping - In general, all the opportunities from Zomentum will get pushed into ConnectWise as an open status. If you would like to update the Status of the opportunity in Zomentum to be mapped to CW Status, in the integration settings, turn on the toggle for  "Create a new custom field called "CW Status". 


  1. After the initial sync between Connectwise and Zomentum, we use the sync ID to identify the entity and keep the sync going.