Can I enable Payments for Documents by Default?

You can enable payment by default for the documents in the account.

As a pre-requisite, you need to have a Payment gateway integration set up for your Grow account. The option allows you to standardise your payment preference across all the quotes sent from Zomentum. 

You would have to go to Settings> My preference. Scroll down to Default Payment Preference.

  • Enable the toggle to add the default payment settings to all the documents.

  • Grand Total of the Amount:

  • A certain percentage of the grand total:
  • Custom Amount:

  • Make payment optional:

Please note that the payment is set to On by Default only if the document has a signature block when the document is created. That is, the document has to be created from a template which has a signature block from the customer. If a document is created from scratch, the payment option must be toggled on the Document itself.