Using Templates for Quote/Contracts

Templates allow you and your team to create documents more efficiently/faster. Zomentum saves you time with a collection of templates ready to use or you can import your existing documents for custom template creation.

You can find the templates in the top right corner of the documents page.

Templates are of 2 types:


  1. Global Templates - These are the templates that Zomentum supplies. These templates keep on increasing every month.

  2. My Templates - These are the ones that you create on your own. You can save as many templates as you like.


How to Upload a Template in Zomentum?

Navigate to the Document table and click on ‘Templates’. Click on “Upload Template” from the pop-up window to add a Word file of an existing template. The system will automatically convert this as a request to the Zomentum Helpdesk. We will have our back-end team convert the documents to the Zomentum format, and will be available for use within 5-7 days.

Alternatively, you can also submit templates directly by writing to .

How to View Templates/Upload Templates?


To view existing templates, click on the ‘Templates’ button then ‘Browse template’ on the top right side of the All Documents module. On this screen, you can:
i. Choose a template to view or edit from “My Templates” or “Global Templates.”
ii. Create a document using a template.
iii. Duplicate an existing template.


How to Edit or Delete an existing Template from Zomentum

i. From the Documents modules, click on Templates from the top right corner
ii. Click on My Templates from the pop-up page and select the template you would like to edit. 
iii. You will see the option to Edit/Delete the template beneath the template preview. 


Note: users will not be able to delete the Global Templates

When a product added in a template is edited, we have the option to reflect the changes in real-time in the template. 

Let us take an example. Say you have added a product to a template. Template name: 

Product Test A, Product name: Product Test A and Selling price: 200$. 

Let us increase the selling price to 300$ in the product module.
While editing, we provide a check box to update values automatically to templates. Select the checkbox and hit “Save”

Fields like Name, description, images, Sell price and vendor name can be changed.