How do I Request to Join Vendor Programs and Accept the Invite?

Using Zomentum’s Align Marketplace, partners can manage their vendors or join new vendors. Partners can accept invitations from vendors to join them, Partners can send a join request to vendors, and can also view already joined vendors.

Accepting Vendor Invites

A partner can receive a vendor invitation to join them through Zomentum Align.

To accept a vendor invitation, follow these steps:

Step -1: To to the Marketplace icon from the left-hand-side panel

Step -2: Click on ‘Vendors’ at the top right

Step -3: You will see a list of vendors you have joined, you have requested to join, or you have been invited to join.

Step -4: For a vendor whose status says ‘Invited’, you will also see an ‘Accept’ button

Step -5: On clicking ‘Accept’ you will join the vendor and will now have access to their resources.

Requesting to join a new vendor

A partner can find a new vendor and if interested, can request to join the vendor’s program.

Following are the steps to do so:

Step - 1: In Zomentum Align Marketplace, click on the desired product.

Step - 2: Scroll down to the pricing section of the product page

Step - 3: In the pricing section, click on ‘Request To Join’

Step - 4: A form will pop up asking you to fill out details like name, email, and number.

  • Submit the form to send your request

  • Once the vendor accepts your request, you will be joined.